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Touring The States: East Palo Alto, CA

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

I always enjoyed listening to albums that came out from East Palo Alto. The city has spawned so many good artists and groups such as Sean T, Chunk, Totally Insane, Mac & A.K.Rated X,  to name a few, but Parts Unknown with their release Time For Turmoil has to be my favorite EPA release.

Parts Unknown are Kilo G, C-Dub and Code “Z”.

Album immediately starts hard with the track “911 Funk” which is actually a diss towards another EPA group “Rated X” (members Cap’N Crunch later known as C-Funk, Cool Breeze and DJ Ajax).

There are 2 guest appearances on the album:
– track #4 featuring Young Mack and K-9 who were actually a group called S.I.C. (Sic Insane Criminals),
– track #9 featuring Sean T and Top Dog. They were both in group called M.O.G. (Murder One Gangstas) together with another member named Caous (Kaos).



01. 911 Funk
02. NuTack Remix
03. Unknowns Wet Dream
04. Aud. 1 – Another Day In EPA
05. EPA City
06. Time For Turmoil
07. Smoove
08. Shit Talking Blues
09. Aud. 2 – Trade Mark
10. Radio Version Of The Underground

Download Parts Unknown – Time For Turmoil


EDITOR’S NOTE: This tape is currently being pressed to vinyl and up for pre-order for their everyday low price of $20. COP THAT HERE!!


Touring The States: Fairfield, CA

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Don’t have much info about Tesz. He’s from Fairfield, album dropped on Out-Bac records. He also appeared on a few Out-Bac compilations, on tracks together with B-Legit, Little Bruce, Celly Cell, Mac Mall, Richie Rich.


01. Intro
02. My Money Keeps Tellin Me
03. Dosia Side
04. This Type Of Funk
05. Fools Like Dat
06. Smoke Box Blunt Break
07. The Knock
08. Blow Up The Planet
09. Ghetto Funk From The Bay
10. Ain’t No Sunshine
11. Tales From Tha Strip Feat. O.E.
12. Fuck Yous

–>Download Tesz – Tales From Tha Strip<–


Touring The States: Richmond, CA

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Filthy Phil is said to be the first rapper who used the phrase “Player Hater“. On the same titled track he explaining that term.

His second tape, The Manhunt, Filthy Phil released while he was on the run from the FBI for shooting and killing police officer. He appeared on Americas Most Wanted.

He also released album in 2002, “Money Hungry Hustler“, but for some reason he quickly pulled all of the remaining copies off store shelves and retired from the rap game.

Thanks to Trunk Muzik for the infos.


01. Consequences
02. The Payback
03. Player Haters
04. Party In The Projects

–>Download Consequences album<–

01. The Manhunt
02. War In The Streets
03. Deadgiveaway
04. B.I.T.C.H

–>Download The Manhunt album<–


Random VLS Drops: Paris – The Days Of Old (1992)

Monday, February 28th, 2011

In my opinion, Paris is highly slept on. He is mostly known for his political lyrics.

We here at T.R.O.Y. will cover as much Paris releases as we can in the following week cause he definitely deserves a spot over here.

Click ->here<- to read Paris bio.


01. The Days Of Old (Vocal Version)
02. The Days Of Old (Instrumental Version)
03. Bush Killa (Hellraiser Version)

–>Download The Days Of Old VLS<–


Touring The States: Oakland, CA

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Mac Fleet is originally from Oakland, but he moved in the early ’90s to Pittsburg to stay with his grandparents.

Thanks to Rod Hilton, if i’m not wrong he’s the owner of Cash N Records, who was kind enough to provide us that  information.


Mac Fleet – Right On Time [Tape] (1994)

01. Right On Time
02. Right On Time (Instrumental)
03. A Night Like This
04. A Night Like This (Instrumental)

–>Download Mac Fleet<–



Touring The States: Santa Rosa, CA

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

The Link Crew are Ray Luv, Ant Dog and Young Grin (deceased). This was released on tape and vinyl. It consists of two same track but different versions, street and radio. It was produced by Sean T, a true East Palo Alto legend.

As far as i noticed the street version is the only one circulating online, so we will not provide you full release of this, but on the other hand who cares about a radio version.

Track is so smooth and awesome i guarantee you will listen it on repeat for some time.


–>Download The World In My Eyes (Street)<–


187 Proof – Dope Lika Pound Or A Key (1991)

Saturday, December 4th, 2010
When I first found this compilation I never thought it had anything to do with Spice 1 himself, I just assumed that the 187 Proof title was an homage to one one of his most famous songs.

Another notable element is the original mix of The Coup’sFoul Play” track, which might be their first ever recorded appearance.

Also, tape contains a few instrumentals and dubs. Download links and tracklisting after the jump.



Touring The States: San Jose, CA

Sunday, September 12th, 2010
Ok, one more artist i don’t have any info at all.
So i will hope you’ll find some enjoyment in this release.
Also you will recognize sample in the first track.

AnonymousSmokin (1997)

01. Throw Your Hands Up
02. Scarlet Letter -N-
03. Representing Skills
04. Dream Scape
05. Smokin
06. Bustshots
07. Hip Hop Junkies
08. Face Off
09. Just Ridin
10. Stress Releasen
11. The Conversation
12. Shady

Touring The States: Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
Seven, one more artist about whom i don’t have any info at all. But, album is really good.
Hope you’ll enjoy!
SeVenSeVen (1997)

01. No Fear (Intro)
02. Reality Check
03. Die 4 U
04. Sunshine
05. Candy Drop
06. Till I Die
07. More 2 Life
08. The Joint (Interlude)
09. Judgement Day
10. Extreme Caution
11. Jewel
12. Seventh Heaven
13. Rise
14. City Of Angels
15. Abandon All Hope
16. Lost Soul
17. Situation Critical
18. Visionz Of Death
— Markshot

DJ Aladdin & DJ Scratch – Da Shizznit L.A. Style

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

This is dope and it might be interesting to most of you, if you haven’t heard it yet.

I don’t know which year exactly this came out, eventhough many info on the internet says 93, i am not so sure, cause in this mix is included one of Mackadelics track, Power Of A Playa, which came out in 96, but anyway, that is not so much important right now.
DJ Aladdin & DJ Scratch – Da Shizznit L.A. Style