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DJ Filthy Rich – 90s Reggae vs. Hiphop Vol. 1

Sunday, February 7th, 2016

In the early 90s, U.S. record labels started signing the bigger dancehall reggae artists to North American deals. In order to appeal to the domestic market, they started commissioning producers to make hip hop remixes of lead singles. Guys like Salaam Remi, Kenny Dope, Bobby Konders, Clark Kent, KRS-One, and Trackmasters were among the beatmakers creating remixes that came to be more popular in America than the LP versions. These producers in turn enlisted guest verses from rappers like Biggie, Method Man, OGC, Q-Tip, Yo-Yo, and the Geto Boys to create popular combinations. Eventually rappers began seeking out guest verses from reggae artists. The reggae-hiphop sub-genre was suddenly created, and began to flourish.

Being a fan of both genres myself, the marriage of reggae over hip hop beats was a match made in heaven. I started collecting every single piece of vinyl I could find with these remixes.
I wanted to put my collection to use, and decided to create a series of mixes containing 90’s reggae artists over 90’s hip hop beats. Everything from popular hits to obscure white label-only remixes. Including my own custom blends of 90’s reggae acapellas over hiphop instrumentals from that time period. What began as a casual one-off “best of” type of mix, evolved into a multi-volume obsession. I even learned to produce my own party breaks just for this project.

I’ve finally finished the first volume, and wanted to share it here first for the Phila/TROY blog fam. BIG shout outs to certain forum members who contributed tracks/acapellas/instrumentals for this project, especially bbatson, step one, dirt dog, and jaz. Nuff respect. Special thanks to Juhmar for the artwork. -DJ Filthy Rich/

Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb (Filthy Rich blend)
Mikey Jarrett – Mack Daddy
Shaggy – Gunshot
Shaggy – Gunshot (Beemin RMX)
Jamalski – Put It On (Filthy Rich blend)
Cheshire Cat – Boom Shot Dis (Sabotage) (Filthy Rich blend)
Burro Banton – Boom Wa Dis (Hip Hop RMX)
Super Cat – South Central (DJ Clue RMX)
Bush Babees – Swing It
Lady Saw – No Long Talking (Filthy Rich blend)
DJ Filthy Rich – Agony In De Dance (Party Break)
Ini Kamoze – Here Comes The Hotstepper (LP Version)
Fugees ft Mad Spider – Boof Baf (Refugee Doodle RMX)
Super Cat – Ghetto Red Hot (Hip Hop Remix)
Bounty Killer ft Cocoa Brovas – It’s A Party (Filthy Rich blend)
Shabba Ranks & KRS One – The Jam (Back To The Bridge Mix)
Mad Stuntman – I’m The Mad Stuntman (Mad Hip Hop mix)
Major Mackeral – Hot (Filthy Rich blend)
Bounty Killer/Michigan & Smiley – Fed Up/Tom’s Diner (Filthy Rich Remix)
Shabba Ranks – Trailor Load A Girls (Filthy Rich blend)
Patra ft YoYo – Romantic Call
Lil Vicious & Dougie Fresh – Freaks
Mad Lion ft Method Man – Take It Easy (Filthy Rich ReFix)
Red Fox – Dem a Murderer (Original + SD50 RMX)
Comedy skit
Merciless – Gun From Paris (Filthy Rich blend)
General TK – Poisonous Dettol (Filthy Rich blend)
Kenny Dope – Supa (Party break)
Kenny Dope ft Gringo – Dondadda (Original Rama Jama Mix)
Fuschnickens – Ring The Alarm
Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm (Hip Hop Mix)
Sister Nancy – Bam Bam (Hip Hop RMX)
Rumble – Safe RMX
Capleton ft Method Man – Wings Of The Morning RMX
Born Jamericans – Boom Shak A Tak (RMX + Original)
Super Cat – Too Greedy (Filthy Rich blend)
AV8 – Blunted (Party Break)
Buju Banton – Boom Bye Bye (Filthy Rich blend)
Smif N Wessun ft OGC, Jahdan – Sound Bwoy Bureill




T.R.O.Y. Throwback Fridays: Video Playlist

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Halloween is over. November begins and it’s Friday muthafuckas!


Shawn J. Period – The Unspoken 90’s

Sunday, October 6th, 2013


A few years ago we had ran a Shawn J Period production spotlight, which captured some of his greatest work. It was definitely a popular piece as we helped many people get acquainted or re-acquainted with the man they call Shawn J. Unfortunately, Shawn stopped making beats all together once the millennium hit. Luckily for us, Vinyl Tapes has teamed up with Shawn J. Period to release an instrumental album, one of many to come. For all the vinyl lovers out there, you can now cop this release directly from their site.

SIDE A: Living the Street, Under My Breathe, Mos of the Time, Sprink Wall, Flower Rose, Red Hear
SIDE B: Life Worth, Type Set, Super Dope, Lunar Sunday, Farside Moon

Vinyl Tapes is a new vinyl only label based out of Brooklyn NYC. Shawn J. Period’s “The Unspoken 90’s Volume One” is the first in its series of unreleased Hip-Hop instrumentals from the Golden Era. This record picks up where “Frontline” and “Universal Magnetic” left off, when Shawn stopped sampling and began creating all of his music from scratch. The result is a wider and warmer breadth of music where the musicality of Shawn J. Period emerges. The beats are complete with bridges and breaks, shattering the monotony that can often be all too common from an instrumental release.

The record contains “Living the Street”, the heavily sought after track from the NOTORIOUS movie score. They are pressed on translucent red vinyl with the first hundred signed by Shawn J. Period. The covers are thick heavy gloss with a poster insert with every record.

Check out the samples here.

Order vinyl here.

Who Flipped It Better: Salaam Remi vs. Vinyl Reanimators

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

There’s more to this one than you might think and I’m sure more people sampled it too, but we’re focusing only on these two right now for good enough reason. I’ll speak further on it after you refresh your memory with the these previews:
Original Sample Source
Da Bush Babees – Remember We (Salaam Remi Version)
L. The Head Toucha – It’s Your Life (Vinyl Reanimators production)
Besides the relation of both these tracks through the sample source, there’s something else that connects them that I just noticed in recent months. The hook for “It’s Your Life” is actually a couple of lines sampled from “Remember We”. Both instrumentals are top notch smoothed out mid nineties masterpieces, in my humble opinion, and the Vinyl Reanimators hooked the same sample up without it sounding redundant. The genius move of sampling the same song as Remember We and then sampling Remember We itself is a pretty good testament of how ill the Reanimators really were at the time. But without knowing all of that and just going by how each beat sounds, I prefer Salaam Remi‘s work here.
Feel free to leave a comment on which flip you think is better.

Bush Babees – Non-Album Tracks

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Here’s a Bush Babees compilation that I put together for ohword back in early ’08. I added two new freestyles from The Lyricist Lounge & Hot 97. Enjoy.

Bush Babees – Non-Album Tracks
1. We Run Things (MF Doom Blend)
2. Brooklyn Movements
3. Remember We (Salaam Remi Remix)
4. The Love Song (45 King Remix)
5. The Love Song w/ De La Soul (Remix)
6. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle Session (1996)
7. Hot 97 Freestyle (1996)
8. Lyricist Lounge Freestyle Session (1995)
9. Swing It (Original)
10. We Run Things (Cut Killer Blend)
11. Remember We Remix (Cut Killer Blend)
12. Remember We Remix (Instrumental)


We Run Things (MF Doom Blend)

Brooklyn Movements

Remember We (Salaam Remi Remix)

The Love Song w/ De La Soul (Remix)

Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle Session (1996)

–Roy Johnson

Shawn J Period – Production Spotlight

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Shawn J Period was a dope mid-to-late 90s producer that hooked up beats for The Artifacts, Bush Babees, Mad Skillz, Mos Def, Black Star, J-Treds, etc. He became a born-again christian right around the turn of the century, and shortly thereafter, he disappeared from the hip hop scene. Here’s a two volume set of tracks that he produced between the years of 1996 and 1999. He also handled production for his group “Down South” between the years of 1994 and 1995, so I’m including a link for their “Lost In Brooklyn” LP. Be aware that his Down South era production style is drastically different from the sound that he provided between the years of 1996 and 1999.

Artifacts – 31 Bumrush

Artifacts – Art Of Facts

Artifacts – Break It Down

Artifacts – Return To Da Wrong Side

Artifacts – To Ya Chest

Artifacts – Where Ya Skillz At?

Artifacts – Who’s This

BCC – Illa Noyz

Bush Babees- God Complex

Bush Babees – Gravity Intro

Bush Babees- Melting Plastic

Heltah Skeltah – Place To Be

J Treds – Never Too Much

Mad Skillz – All In It

Mos Def, Q-Tip & Tash – Body Rock

Mos Def – Universal Magnetic

Mos Def – If You Can Huh…

Wizdom Life – Fruits Of Labor

Download everything in one mediafire folder:

I have another 100 MB worth of Shawn J tracks that I left out of this, so if you’re looking for anything in particular, post a request in the comments section.

The aforementioned Down South LP:

Down South – Lost In Brooklyn (1994)

–Roy Johnson

Hot 97 Radio Freestyles Pt.3 (1996)

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Here’s volume 4 of the Hot 97 Freestyle AllStars vinyl series. This is probably the release with the least rare freestyles since most of the ones included were featured on Funkmaster Flex “60 Minutes of Funk Vol.1”. But for example, you get the full session of the Redman & Keith Murray freestyle which is 15 min. long while it was cut short to 4 min. in the Funk Flex mixtape. The other exclusive freestyles are from Da Bush Babees, Jay-Z, and Krs-One.

A1. Redman & Keith Murray – Freestyle
B1. Da Bush Babees – Freestyle
B2. Krs-One – Freestyle
B3. Jay-Z – Freestyle
B4. Fugees – Freestyle
B5. Erick Sermon – Freestyle
B6. Redman & Method Man – Freestyle
B7. Busta Rhymes – Freestyle
B8. Q-Tip – Freestyle

Ripped exclusively by dirt_dog for The T.R.O.Y. Blog


— Thomas V

Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (11-20)

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

11. KMD ft. MF Grimm “What A Niggy Know” (Remix)

12. Lord Finesse “S.K.I.T.S.” (Remix)
The original was sparser and more raw, but this remix is more layered, ringing, and insistent, which lends itself well to the tone of alarm being conveyed. Adding Big L to the chorus was an excellent decision.
13. Common Sense “Soul By The Pound” (Thump Mix)
14. Casual “That’s How It Is” (Disshowwedo Remix)
15. Grand Puba ft. Sadat X “I Like It” (Buckwild Remix)

This one isn’t hugely different from the hit original, but Buckwild manages to give it a more hardcore feel without sacrificing its mass appeal. Sadat X.’s cameo is one of his finest.
16. Artifacts “Dynamite Soul II” (Lip Service Remix)
17. Aceyalone “Mic Check” (Kemo Remix)
Kemo’s version of Aceyalone’s catchy ode to rocking shows and raking in the dough was the top finalist in a remix contest announced on the original’s sleeve. Besides being a banger of a beat, it also complements Aceyalone’s whimsical vocals quite well.
18. Camp Lo “Coolie High” (Paradise Remix)
Only Camp-Lo can out-smooth Camp-Lo. This version pulls off that sultry slick nonsensical jewel heist vibe that these BX rhymers consistently aimed for in their heyday.
19. Bush Babees “Remember Me” (Salaam Remi Remix)
20. Alkaholiks “Mary Jane” (Remix)
Tune in tomorrow for selections 21-30.

Shallow Days

Friday, December 12th, 2008

If the world looks scary, it’s because it is…..

Shallow Days
1. De La Soul – Stakes Is High
2. Bush Babees – Melting Plastic
3. Black Star – Thieves In The Night
4. De La Soul & Rob-O – Stay Away
5. Blackalicious – Shallow Days
6. Roots – What They Do
7. All Natural – It’s OK
8. Bush Babees, Mos Def & De La Soul – Love Song (Remix)
9. De La Soul – Itsoweezee (Hot)
10. Juice – All That Glitters
11. K-Otix – 7 MCs
12. K-Otix – 7 MCs Pt. II
13. Mission – Disturbing Behavior
14. Mr. Lif – Because They Made It That Way
15. Mr. Lif – I Am Myself
16. Jeru – Me, Not The Paper
17. L The Head Toucha – Too Complex (Instrumental)


De La Soul & Rob-O – Stay Away

Blackalicious – Shallow Days

All Natural – It’s OK

Bush Babees, Mos Def & De La Soul – Love Song (Remix)

Juice – All That Glitters

–Roy Johnson

Echo Mixtapes Volumes 1 and 6

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

As promised,we now bring you volumes 1 and 6 of the renowned Echo Lyricist Lounge Mix Tapes. If you haven’t checked any of this series out yet,you really should. There are mad rare cuts from known as well as unknown artists.
Download Volume 1 here

Download Volume 6 here

And again,thanks to DULLAH and CharlieManson(cms) at Phila for digging these up and sharing them with us all –Verge