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Brooklyn Tribute (In Memory of James)

Saturday, February 10th, 2018

Our close friend, James Murphy, and one of our biggest show supporters unexpectedly passed away on January 26. Just 3 days after his 44th birthday. James was great person who made it his purpose in life to bring joy to others. I first met him in gym class my freshman year while discussing Brand Nubian’s In God We Trust. It was hip-hop that brought us together. Hip-hop was his passion, as it is for many of us. I was fortunate to experience many great concerts with him: A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Run-DMC, Brand Nubian, Heltah Skeltah, all the Rock The Bell tours too, but the one I’ll never forget was Gang Starr. Guru was his absolute favorite. After the show he walked up to Guru, called him by his real name (Keith) and Guru was like, “you don’t know me like that cousin.” Of course, Guru was smiling, signed an auto and we all had our moment- a special moment we never forgot. They called James “MC Murf,” even though he was far from an emcee. He reminded a lot of us of MC Serch. James was born and raised in Brooklyn and proud of it. He was BK to the fullest. When he passed I didn’t know what to do with myself. I still don’t. Losing a close friend is never easy. We all grieve in different ways and mine was to throw myself into music. DJ 360 and myself decided the best way to celebrate James’ life was to do a Brooklyn tribute in his honor. These are tracks that I knew he loved, but also tracks we love and ones we feel capture the essence of BK. We fully intend to do an entire show dedicated to the boroughs of New York, but for now, this is a mini-mix in honor of our friend, James and the great Kings County. We will never be able to replace James, as he was truly one of a kind, but we know he is still listening to us from upstairs. Rest in power, my brother.

Download BK Tribute

Rearward Glances and Real World Chances: A Review of Rilgood’s Mixtape Kingdom

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Rear-view mirrors allow drivers to see rearward facilitating informed driving decisions; at least that is their purpose in our culture. Rilgood is from Nigeria. Yorùbá culture originated from Nigeria. Santeria is partially derived from Yorùbá religion. In Santeria, however, looking backwards is sometimes regarded as incautious because it keeps present obstacles that should have been relinquished.

Kingdom, Rilgood’s newest mixtape, is that rear-view mirror music. Kingdom is hazardous to listen to because throughout the mixtape Rilgood fits into view distracting glimpses of  realization, disappointment, bliss, and gloom similarly experienced by motorists taking poorly timed debilitating glances at rear-view mirrors. He caresses the low-spirited and sunken production[1] with simple lyrics that invite reflection which may lead to awareness, a rubbernecking accident, or both.

Kingdom is slick. Your pause button better have anti-lock brakes or else you’ll have a hard time turning Rilgood’s latest project off. On his mixtape, its apparent Rilgood doesn’t vaunt himself, but I am unsure whether he held back more than he should have. As such, his mixtape is a paradox and that momentous tension is what keeps me from getting tired of it. I can’t figure it out. – Droopy

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Listen to Kingdom below:

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

[1] By Woodro Skillson, The Gift, Rilgood, Dot Da Genius, Kechphrase, Dave Maxwell, Flick James, RC Bankwell, 88-Keys, and Keyboard Kid.

Random VLS Drops: Yasheen & The Murder-1 Squad – Bring It! (1994)

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Yasheen Allah and his Murder-1 Squad are from Brooklyn and that’s pretty much all that we know about this artist. This  was released on GNU Breed records and it was produced by D. Trotman.

What do we have here is simply amazing, hardcore, grimey and very rare release that definitely should not be slept on anymore.

***This is not full VLS, it missing 2 tracks (Bring It [radio edit] and Bring It [instrumental]).


Bring It! VLS

01. Bring It!
02. Brooklyn Niggaz
03. Get Da Loot
04. Keep It Bangin’

–>Download Bring It! VLS<–


Shadez Of Brooklyn – Pandemonium EP

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Sorry, but there’s no download for you here YET. This is the final release of Chopped Herring‘s Bushwick series. We hit you with the last one here, Dysfunkshunal’s Mixed Emotions 96 Demo EP, and I think there might be some more copies left if you need that.

Shadez Of Brooklyn you should at least know from their 1996 underground hit(?) “Change”:
And if you were really on your p’s and q’s, you might remember this straight banger from them that was only ever played once on this very dope and sought after Evil Dee mixtape.
Until now, this track has not been heard by many in it’s entirety without DJ drops and, to me, it makes this record worth the $45, if you have it. But we know not everybody has it like that so we’ll hit you with this soon if the demand is there.
Everyday Livin’:
And for all the Philaflava/DWG/VA heads, the guys at Chopped Herring were even kind enough to big us all up on the vinyl:

So if you’re a wax addict, you should definitely grab this while it’s still available. I know the price is type steep but it could have been $35 more without the merit to warrant such a price.
Anyways, don’t sleep, there’s also 4 other ill unreleased cuts on this EP and at least one of them, “Now A Dayz”, is making moves to get to that “Everyday Livin'”, “Change” status.
–verge tibbs

My Tapes by Basta aka KYOZAI Pt. 5

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

You might know Basta (aka Kyozai) as being the owner of the rare cassette blog, Music-Thingz. Recently, he blessed us with a nice portion of his tape collection at philaflava T.R.O.Y. forum.

Here at The T.R.O.Y. blog, we wanted to give these tapes their deserved shine and Basta the proper recognition he’s earned, to the people outside of the philaflava forum.

I will split his tapes in several posts, giving you enough time to digest this massive work.

There will be no previews, but c’mon, the hilariously awesome covers alone warrant a download.


Underground Impact – Trapped in da Hood (1993, Philadelphia)


Sakoo – Tricks Pon Me (1992) (Brooklyn)


Warlord – It Ain’t Easy bw Nothing to Lose (199x Queens)


Posse Deep – Candy (1991)


Succes -N- Effect – Ultimate Drive-By (1992)


— Markshot