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That Backwards Sample

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Every once in a while a producer can effectively work a backwards sample into a dope cut.

This is usually easier to do if there are no drums in the sample you’re reversing,as they may sound awkward and ruin your mix. But in this case, it worked out perfectly. I must say Pumpkinhead produced a genuine work of art with 2nd Amendment. He sampled the same track that Fredro Starr used for Onyx’s ‘Last Dayz’,except in reverse. Not only did the beat come out ill, but the subject he chose to rhyme about was perfect for it. 

I first noticed it when listening to this Bob James record. I immediately noticed the Onyx sample,but thought there was something else there. So, when spinning the record back to see what it was I missed, I discovered this palatial reverse sample. Check it out below.

The Sample

Pumpkinhead – 2nd Amendment

Onyx – Last Dayz

Download these 3 pieces in one folder here


Who Flipped It Best?

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Too many times to count,producers have flipped the same samples. But, sometimes it works out well, depending on how they use it. What drums they use, what kind of bass, who’s rhyming, how they chopped it up- these are just a few of the variables to take into consideration. Sometimes it’s just what your favorite song is out of the bunch. Check these joints out to determiine which song made the best usage of the sample. Let us know in the comments.
Original: Bob James – Feel Like Making Love
1. Two Outta Millions – Land Of Lyricism
2. Esteem(East Flatbush Project) – Can’t Hold It Back
3. Tony Bones – Come Upstairs
4. Mannish – Tasha’s Room
For me, it came down to the East Flatbush Project produced Esteem song “Can’t Hold It Back” and the Prince Po produced Tony Bones track. Po really went off on this one. The extra violin sample,the ill note variations he worked,and Tony Bones entertaining as always rhymes, put this song over the top for me.
But don’t sleep on the Esteem joint.He may sound like he was a bit too influenced by Tim Dog or Freshco, but he drops some classic one liners. He rips from beginning to end. And the production is tight.Dirty drums,knocking bass,ill horns,the moan type sample on the hook-I don’t know if I could honestly pick a winner here.
The Mannish and Two Outta Millions cuts are well put together,too.
Props to Blockhead for blessing the Philaflava website with the Tony Bones track.
Props to chillhood for looking out on the “Land of Lyricism” track.
And as usual, props to CharlieManson for the Esteem song.