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Killin’ It On Canvas (Nas, ATCQ, Wu-Tang, Gang Starr)

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

For the art lovers out there, definitely check out what The Funky Rabbit is offering up these days. A music-inspired art blog that has recently turned its focus on some of hip-hop’s finest. There is most certainly something for everyone here, so give it a click, help spread the word and if you dig be sure to like, share or even cop if your pad is in need of some dopeness. –Philaflava


Ram Squad – Tommy Hill (R.I.P.)

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

We would like to pay tribute to Tommy Hill and his recent passing away, rest in peace Tommy.

Thanks to the T.R.O.Y. forum member Jaz from who shared this links on the forum and thanks to the blogs mentioned down below for uploading and sharing all of this stuff.



“Philadelphia rapper Tommy Hill, formerly of the RAM Squad, was killed in a robbery attempt outside of an East Mount Airy bar. Hill was the only man killed in a shootout between robbers and bar workers, and the suspects in the Tommy Hill murder are still being sought.

On Friday morning, Hill had left the Reuben’s Marc bar without paying his tab. As he was outside, the bar manager and bouncer followed him to settle the tab. But before they could get Hill’s money, three masked gunmen announced there was a robbery, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. Bullets went flying and Hill was killed.

Hill first rose to fame in the late 1990s with the RAM Squad, reports the Inquirer. But after the group broke up, the rapper was in and out of legal trouble having served two years in prison for dealing crack. Prior to his prison stint, Hill had also participated in the trial against several Kensington crack dealers and testified against them.

So far, police do not suspect there is any foul play beyond the robbery attempt. The manager of the Reuben’s Marc bar and others who may have had a problem with Hill have not been connected with his murder.

For the robbery and murder, the killers likely face second degree murder charges. Second degree murder is the charge for those who kill someone while committing a felony like armed robbery. This is distinguished from first degree murder where there is a premeditated killing like lying and waiting to kill someone such as for revenge.

For second degree murder, those involved in the Tommy Hill murder face the toughest criminal penalty short of death. But if it is later discovered that the killing was premeditated, Pennsylvania’s death penalty may come into play.”

Online Hip Hop History 101

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Werner von Wallenrod

If you’re into hip hop music (and almost assuredly you are if you’re here reading this) and you’re not following Werner von Wallenrod’s Humble, Little Hip Hop Blog, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. Join hip hop scholar / educator and random rap specialist John McKelvey, a.k.a. Werner von Wallenrod (who gets his pseudonym from the old Dragon Lore games) and his calico cat Emma at his house in Jersey as he interviews musicians and reviews films or obscure music releases.


Best Of VLS (Vol.3): "Numerology"

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Who really has the time to go through all the VLS blogs out there and siphon out the dope? We’re going to go ahead and do that for you. Since I’m always on the hunt for random obscure tracks from the 90’s, that I sometimes don’t even remember the names of, I’ve accumulated a pretty expansive VLS collection. I’ve been a damn good selector up to this point, with music at least, so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by the quality that will be presented in this series of compilations.

Now, the last thing we would want to do is to not give credit to the original uploaders. So, I’m going to list a whole bunch of VLS blogs that I have visited, at one time or another, below. If you feel that something here came from your blog, leave a comment. I also would like to note that the tags FTD, BYL, SOUP, BYN, CMS and others have shown up repeatedly through my VLS collection. So, props to them, whoever they are, wherever they are. But, to be honest with you, I can’t stand having tags on mp3s. It’s an obsessive compulsive keep it neat thing, not a dis, so most tags have been removed.
This is important: Some of these compilations will be posted here and some will be exclusive to the Skypager mailing list. So, if you haven’t signed up yet, now may be a good time to do that. Just look for it on the right side of this page and put your email in there or click here. Volume 1 was posted here and Volume 2 was sent out via Skypager. I’m going to try to include the instrumentals if I have them. Also, sometimes I might throw in something that isn’t from a single or an EP just to fit the mix or theme. So, no, there was not a 12″ release for 7 Degrees Of Elevation. Sorry about that.

01. 3-2-1 – Rock The Ruff Raps
02. 4th Quarter – C-Notes And Grants
03. 5one6 – Dirty Little Bitch
04. 36Zero – Maintain
05. 215 Asasinz – Guarenteed Hot Shit
06. S.C.U. – 1 2 3
07. 5050 – Something Ain’t Right (J.Force Remix)
08. B-1 – Verbal Affairs
09. The B.U.M.S – 6 Figures And Up
10. Kreem Team – Three Hots And A Cot
11. Native Nuttz – 40 Oz Of Funk
12. Natural Elements – 2 Tons
13. Nomad – Blessed 2 Mic Check
14. Example – 7-26-96
15. Ground Floor – One, Two
16. Edo.G – 304’s
17. Nine (Ft. Smooth Da Hustler) – Make Or Take
18. Godfather Don – 7 Degrees Of Elevation
Instrumental Previews:

Selections may or may not have been originally uploaded at the following places: Crates Of Ag , Diggin In Da Indie –
I may have forgotten a few. But like I said, if you feel overlooked, leave a comment.

T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/Superstar Quamallah

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Top 10 Cali 90’s Joints That You Probably Can’t Find
by Superstar Quamallah

1. “To Whom It May Concern” (compilation)/ Freestyle Fellowship:
Microphone Myke as i knew him was doing shit on this album that cats ain’t never been able to even bite! i saw him freestyle over “mo’ better blues”at the good life cafe doing a style that was so ahead of it’s time, it would take a worm hole for mcs to check it! this album, which they put out themselves in 1991, was a catalyst and a much have for any true collector of the music. find it!

2. The ’93 til Infinity DEMO/ Souls of Mischief:
I got this joint on a cassette tape and i remember when they were putting the joint together to catch their deal. i rolled up to del’s (the funky homosapien) house with andre (the emperor) and adam (A-plus) was laying scratches for the last song. they got some joints on this cassette that never came out or were different versions like “never no more” is different and crazy fresh yo!
maybe somebody got this on ebay but i doubt it!

3. Barber Shop MC’s DEMO/ Barber Shop MCS:
not sure if this was a demo but i remember defari letting me hear these cats and i was like this cat phil tha agony is sick to def!!! i can’t find that cassette i had, but these joints were so ahead of their time as well.

4. “Change and Switch”/ Defari:
this joint is a personal fav because i remember heru asked me to lay the scratches on this cut and we did it at kutmaster kurt’s crib and a young evidence, who made the beat i believe, was there chillin and i thought damn these some cool dudes. i told heru that that song was the joint and a few months later it was the b-side as one of the first records to launch abb records in 1997.

5. Planet Asia EP/ Planet Asia:
man what can i say about my man asia that ain’t already been said. this was one of the hungriest mcs i’ve ever met and he still gets it in! this joint was released on heratik records in 1998 and if you can find a copy, you done came up!

6. “People’s Choice”/Defari:
gotta mention this joint cause it’s one of my favorite underground singles man that really set off that classic evidence heru connection and heru’s offbeat on flow on this was classic and spawned
a lot of imitators whether people recognize or not. i remember when beni played the acetate for me at kalx, i was like – “wheeeeeeew weeeeee….classic!”

7. “The Hiero vs. Hobo Junction (Saafir) Battle”/:
this is one of the greatest and most enjoyable mc battles ever done on the radio and i know
copies are floating around! this was easily one of saafir and casual’s greatest off the head lyrical drudge matches and nobody from both sides on the mic was a disappointment! it went down around 1994 and you can’t say nothing about cali mcs if you never heard this battle! a historical moment fo’ sho’!!!

8. Del tha Funky Homosapien DEMO:
i met del in 1988/89 in berkeley. he’soriginally from new york and he had the mc skills to pay the bills way back then as a shorty! but his music production was through the roof. his
sampling abilities were ahead of his time and when he got his deal, i believe his cousin ice cube had a major influence on the style and sound of his first album. but his shit i got on some cassette tapes would be compared to current shit mf doom is doing. del is definitely from another
planet and cats ain’t getting copies of the shit i got with him on it! lol

9. RIP Government/ Stevie Jay, Velvet B, Adam (Buck), and more:
these cats put a record out and my joint is in storage so i don’t remember the name
but they were all from nyc and living in south central los angeles back in the late 80’s. they was doing shit to break beats before cats was on that out in cali and had hooked up with whipple whip, the original. these cats had a major influence on cats within jurassic five as well as many others whom they shared rhyme cyphers wit. if you can find this record (rip government is the name of the crew) then i salute you!

10. “JazzHopSoul”/ Clever Jeff:
this is actually my favorite hiphop album by a cali artist and one of the most underrated or slept on joints for anyone who digs pete rock& cl smooth or gang starr! this cat was one of
the first to perfect the jazz soul hiphop fusion and was working with quincy jones’ label but they didn’t know how to promote the project back in 1994. clever is at his best on this lyrically with smooth knowledge and those 90’s jazzy joints i can never get enough of! a must have for anyone
serious about the music!


If you don’t have you can cop it here!