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T.R.O.Y. Presents – Moet Drinking, Marijuana Smoking Street Dweller

Monday, April 7th, 2014
We first hit you with “Brothers Want To Hang With The Meth.” A 14 track Method Man sample compilation and now we’re back with one for Mr. Nasir Jones. We could create dozens of compilations comprised of all Nas samples, especially material off Illmatic, but we took 18 old and new joints and threw them together for you. Peace to dirt_dog for always cooking up some marvelous images. We hope you enjoy our 2nd installment in our sample compilation. –Philaflava
00 VA - Moet Drinking Marijuana Smoking Street Dweller - cover
T.R.O.Y. Presents 
Moet Drinking, Marijuana Smoking Street Dweller
01 Jay-Z – Dead Presidents (Original) (CDS – 1996)
02 O.C. – Born 2 Live (Eclipse Remix) (Eclipse Remixes Circa 94 – 2004)
03 Mic Geronimo – Hemmin Heads (Shit’s Real 12”  – 1993)
04 Kool G. Rap – 4, 5, 6 (4, 5, 6 – 1995)
05 Real Live – Real Live Shit (The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama – 1996)
06 Big L – Ebonics (The Big Picture (1974-1999) – 2000)
07 De La Soul – Vocabulary Spills (Smell The DA.I.S.Y. – 2014)
08 Darc Mind – I’m Ill (Symptomatic Of A Greater Ill – 2006)
09 Jeru The Damaja – Invasion (New Jersey Drive Vol. 2 – 1995)
10 Pete Rock – Half Man Half Amazin feat. Method Man (Soul Survivor – 1998)
11 Deda – Press Rewind (The Original Baby Pa – 2003)
12 Black Attack – Correct Technique feat. Problemz (My Crown 12” – 1997)
13 Basement Khemists – Correct Technique (Beyond Real Experience – 1999)
14 Nuthouse – Correct Technic feat. Diamondback & Planetary (Good Vibe Recordings – 2000)
15 Laster – Searchin 4 Meaning (Searchin 4 Meaning 12” – 1998)
16 Jigmastas – Beyond Real (Beyond Real 12” – 1996)
17 Lexicon – Nikehead (It’s The L!! – 2001)
18 Raekwon – Sneakers (Immobilarity – 1999)
Download Link 1  Link 2

Dropped Same Day: Big L / Dana Dane / Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Monday, April 8th, 2013

For today’s history lesson, we’ve got the introduction albums from two deceased New York hip hop crew members in yet another D.I.T.C. / Wu-Tang connection and what is still the most recent record from eighties star and Kangol Crew member, Dana Dane.

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Tuesday, March 28th, 1995.

Three LPs: Big L‘s debut, on Columbia, Dana Dane‘s third, via Maverick and Ol’ Dirty Bastard‘s first, off Elektra.

Pick your favorite and / or the best album, doesn’t matter.

Check other posts in the Dropped Same Day series here.

And feel free to state your case, leave corrections or post additional match ups you would like to see in the comments below.

— The Big Sleep

vaporized vs. K-Def “Beats From The 90s Volume 1 Blends”

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Not sure how I missed this one. But forum blend superstar, vaporized, put this together back in 2008. A real beauty.

K-Def – Beats From The 90s Volume 1 Blends (by vaporized)

01 Been There + Lord Finesse – Return Of The Funky Man
02 Ain’t No Crime + Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm
03 Monty + Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M.
04 Dramaz + First Down – Front Street
05 For Da Family + Big L – MVP
06 Crusading + Miilkbone – Wherez Da Party At
07 Inner City Blues + Heather B – Live MC
08 Jam On It + Mic Geronimo – Shit’s Real
09 Mont Man + Grand Puba – A Little Of This
10 Ron Beat + Big L – Put It On
11 Spinner + Masta Ace – Jeep Ass Nigguh
12 Getting Hot + Children Of The Corn – American Dream
13 Take Your Time + Nas – One Love
14 Turtle + MC Lyte – Paper Thin
15 Been There Part 2 + Erick Sermon – Bomdigi
16 Urbiank + Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By


Keep up the great work vaporized! Grab some of his past releases here, here, here and here.


T.R.O.Y. Blog Presents: D.I.T.C. For My Whip [Compilation]

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

This is compilation that i made to listen it while driving in my whip. After i finished it i thought maybe it would be a good idea to share it, some might find it interesting.

Main goal was that tracks must have heavy basses so that i can pump it up loud, shaking the whip. Second, i wanted to put as much as possible Diamond D tracks and featurings which including either his production, heavy basses or heavy lyrics, or all of that three.

You may ask why haven’t i included some tracks from “Word..Life”, well i have that album burned already and i like to listen to it from a to z.

Shorty Long once was affiliated with Lord Fineese, but after that single, he continued working with DJ Mike Smooth, but that track, that beat is sooo hard, making you wanna break something or somebody.

Lord Finesse’s production from 93-96 was so pure, crisp and clear, with heavy bass lines and drums, you just enjoy when you hear that clearness.

So basically those are some of my favorite D.I.T.C. tracks. I wanted to include few more tracks and i know you may ask why you left out this track or that track, but it is how it is, and there wasn’t any more free space on the cd.

**dirt_dog on the cover.


01. Showbiz & A.G. – Never Less Than Ill
02. Diamond D – Best Kept Secret
03. Lord Finesse – Fat For The 90’s Feat. A.G.
04. Diamond D – ‘x!x!’ What U Heard
05. O.C. – Outsiders
06. Lord Finesse – Pull Ya Card
07. Diamond D – Red Light, Green Light
08. Showbiz & A.G. – You Want It Feat. Diamond D & Party Arty
09. Lord Finesse – You Know What I’m About
10. Diamond D – MC Iz My Ambition Feat. Don Barron
11. Big L – Devil’s Son
12. Diamond D – You Can’t Front (…It Is Real) Feat. Sadat X & Lord Finesse
13. Shorty Long – Shorty’z Doin’ His Own Thang
14. Showbiz & A.G. – Still Diggin’ Feat. Diamond D
15. Fat Joe – Watch The Sound Feat. Grand Puba & Diamond D
16. Diamond D – What You Seek
17. Lord Finesse – Check The Method
18. Diamond D – The Hiatus
19. Lord Finesse – Gameplan
20. Diamond D – Gather Round
–>Download D.I.T.C. For My Whip<–


East Coast Rarities Volumes 100-101 (1990-1998)

Monday, August 8th, 2011

There is a shitload of rare material on these compilations. If you have listened to all of them so far, thank you! Hope everyone likes these. We’ll be dropping two new volumes for the next few days. I’m going for 200 of these east coast hip hop 12 inch mixes eventually. Sometimes there are location/year errors on these mixes, but whatever. I know the majority of the people who listen to these overlook mistakes because there is a lot of dope material, most of it actually east coast. Lend me your thoughts, yo! – Schenectadyfan

volume 100

01 (4:17) epmd – crossover (trunk mix) 1992
02 (4:14) afrika bambaataa – time 2 get open 1993
03 (4:40) fearless four – keep on rockin’ 1992
04 (2:29) son of sam – charisma 1993
05 (4:45) smoove dee – smove is the name (og club mix) 1995
06 (4:32) e rule – listen up 1994
07 (5:13) az (ft. nas) – mo money, mo murder “homicide” (1995)
08 (4:15) dj mighty mi ft various artists – actual facts remix 1997
09 (4:18) rob o – world premier 1997
10 (3:32) q jru ft. tragedy khadafi – u bless me
11 (2:44) shadows of mayhem – shakaphobia 1992
12 (4:19) nimbus – n.y. the essence 1998
13 (2:23) dark skinned assassin – uncontrollables 199?
14 (4:09) uneek, d. wop, don black & noreaga – above water ii (unreleased) 1997
15 (3:53) cheeph boogie – ready 4 war 199?
16 (3:53) sauce money ft dj premier – against the grain 1997
17 (2:54) brain dead – homicide 1997
18 (4:06) broadway – will to survive 1997


Random VLS Drops: Big L – Devil’s Son (1993)

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

What a grimy, dirty, rough beat. What a hard track.

This track was supposed to be on Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, but it was banned due to it was too much violent.

First thought that i have in mind before i click play is that amazing horns and those two Nas samples:
When i was twelwe i went to hell for snuffing Jesus” and “I’m waving automatic guns at nuns“.

I thought this track was produced only by Showbiz, but vinyl says it was co-op between Showbiz, Lord Finesse, Buckwild and Craig Boogie.


01. Devil’s Son
02. Devil’s Son (Instrumental)

–>Download Devil’s Son VLS<–


Preserving The Culture Ep.1 – Perce-verance (Percee P)

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Here’s an episode of “Preserving The Culture” Featuring A-FS & Percee P with special guest Dj Lord Ron. Percee P talks about everything you could think of asking him. Everyone needs to listen to this!! From Big L to Scott La Rock, Red Alert, Organized Konfusion, Stretch & Bobbito, Almighty Kay Gee, Cold Crush Brothers, Lord Finesse, A.G., Maestro Fresh Wes, Old School Tapes, … Everything. One thing for example that I didn’t know before the interview (and I’m a big Percee P fan) is that he had a cameo in Big L’s MVP video. Enjoy y’all!


— Thomas V

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Reunion Show (Audio)

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Props to both Verge and Big Sleep for really making this Stretch & Bob month happen here on TROY. The amount of energy these cats are putting into this project is unreal and we all need to take the time out and thank them. Speaking of thanks, Stretch Arm and Bobbito recognized the contributions and threw a few shout outs our way on their reunion show last night. I didn’t have a chance to listen but below is a link to the entire show courtesy of Altrap. I can only imagine greatness. Peace to the entire crew, both here on TROY and WKCR. –Philaflava Philaflava, Big Sleep, Verge shout-outs: Download the entire show here Props to Altrap for the rip.

Big L – Gorilla In A Phone Booth

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

These limited 12″s shipped out about a month ago so I’m gonna guess that it’s been online for download for a while now. If not, I’ll remove the link at the label’s request. I won’t include the instrumentals, just the two songs. I figured we should bless you with this and urge you to go support, and cop at:

The price tag is type high, especially for nowadays, but you can get a nice package deal with the new Nutrageous/Freestyle Professors EP and bonus 45. Definite bangin’, raw early 90’s sounding stuff for heads like us, don’t sleep. The FP’s really haven’t deviated from their raw Bronx heavy sound since 1994, and that is especially refreshing in nowadays keyboard preset plagued, computer programmed, ultra crispy clean sounding world.
Take a peep at the Showbiz produced og version of “No Endz, No Skinz” here:
And the Showbiz produced og version of “Give It To Em L” here:
So, apparently these tracks were on the original version of Big L’s first album, produced entirely by Showbiz, that burned up in a fire at Jazzy Jay‘s studio. How these songs got found, nobody knows, but this IS some historic shit right here. I know the price is high, but if you’re a Big L enthusiast, you should really grab this one. And you get more than just the Big L tracks if you cop because it’s actually a “double 12” and the other piece of wax included is the previously unreleased 3 tracks, with instrumentals, by emcee Silky Black. Two of which are produced by Showbiz and one by the mighty Lord Finesse. I believe they pressed up about 400 copies but I could be mistaken. The reason for the pricing in nowadays price dropping, over saturated limited market, was probably from dealing with greats like Lord Finesse and Showbiz, not to mention Big L’s estate. I’m merely speculating here, so don’t try to eviscerate me in the comments.
The record also comes with a couple of sheets describing the release and the difference in lyrics and the whole story behind the record.
Cop here:
Big, big ups and crazy thanks to Ed Catto, Showbiz, and Branesparker(you can cop his EP with Nutso[f/k/a Nutrageous] in the previous link) for putting this project together and bringing us the unreleased goodies!

…want me to write you some raps g, just ask me.

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

An alternate title of this could be: The Children of the Corn, Junior M.A.F.I.A. & Deceased Ghostwriters. And this is where a lesser person, or perhaps a funnier, more well written one would make some joke about artists who have died, ghosts and ghostwriters. Maybe something about how they are actually, truly ghostwriters now. I’m sure there’s a brilliant pun in there somewhere.

Oh, how clever.

But I really wanna talk about this. I’m not the first to say that just about all we ultimately have left from a lot of people is their music and with MCs that basically boils down to written work, their lyrics. A lot of ghostwriting that was done years ago is still largely unknown to the public and I’m not talking about how Big Daddy Kane wrote for Biz Markie or how The D.O.C. helped write for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg or even how Ice Cube was writing for Eazy-E.

No, this is not just about the MCs who wrote their own rhymes as well as rhymes for others, but about those ghostwriting MCs who are no longer living. There is definitely a connection here between the N.W.A.-era west coast and hip hop as a whole today though; reference tracks are now more popular than ever, particularly thanks to Dr. Dre and his Detox project.

What’s a reference track, you ask? A reference track is when not only does someone else ghostwrite the lyrics, but they also ghost spit it, delivering the lines over the (or a) beat, showing the credited artist how to re-record the track in their own voice. It’s essentially rap-by-numbers, you don’t have to write, you don’t have to know how to flow, you can simply just copy what the writer says. Obviously these reference tracks are usually demo quality and to preserve anonymity they aren’t supposed to be heard by the larger hip hop community, but a few have inevitably shown up online.

Junior M.A.F.I.A.

I’m going to talk about two instances of ghostwriting that are less well known than Notorious B.I.G. spitting reference tracks for Lil’ Kim’s Queen Bitch (192 CBR) and Lil’ Cease’s verse on Player’s Anthem (192 CBR), which itself has become almost as general knowledge as Sean “P____” Combs using ghostwriters throughout his whole career. My focus is mostly going to be on the two departed members of the group The Children of the Corn. I encourage you all to help add on though.

It was Bloodshed’s birthday on the fifth of this month, Biggie’s was on the twenty first and Big L’s is today, the thirtieth. What’s one thing these three New York MCs each have in common besides early deaths, having been born in May and the letter b? You guessed it; they were all ghostwriters, at least to some degree.

Lamont “Big L” Coleman: Born May 30th, 1974, Died February 15th, 1999.
(Photo courtesy of Diggin’ in the Crates affiliate Marquee.)

Here’s a Big L verse from the original Flamboyant freestyle, featuring Royal Flush (192 CBR):

“Yo I’m a young teen with dumb cream,
I refuse to be unheard or unseen, I shine like the sun beam.

All you niggas better come clean before my gun scream,

rap’s a fun thing, only roll with one team:
Flamboyant Entertainment. That’s who I came with.
I pack a nine and once I aim it, I gotta flame it.

Push a blue eight, got props from here to Kuwait.

The one your crew hate, hear me on the next Clue tape.

They call me C-Town, I snatch mics like a rebound,

pack a three pound, that’s my prerog’ like B. Brown.

I rip shows in large arenas, like the Garden in Meadowlands,

got nothin’ but love for all my ghetto fans.

On one three nine and Lenox eyes get shut.

The Danger Zone, where guys get stuck.

Where all the pies get cut.

Try to front we gon’ size you up.
Like Corleone’ll grab the chrome and throw five in yo’ gut, what?”

And now here’s C-Town on the posthumous Big L track, Still Here (V2 / VBR):

“I be that young teen with dumb cream,
I refuse to be unheard or unseen, I shine like the sun beam.

All you niggas better come clean before my gun scream,

rap’s a fun thing, only roll with one team:

Flamboyant Entertainment. That’s who I came with.

I pack a nine and once I aim it, I gotta flame it.

Push a blue eight, got props from here to Kuwait.

The one your crew hate, hear me on Big L new tape.

They call me C-Town, I snatch mics like a rebound,

pack a three pound, that’s my prerog’ like B. Brown.

I rip shows in large arenas like the Garden in Meadowlands,

got nothin’ but love for all my ghetto fans.

On one three nine and Lenox eyes get shut.

The Danger Zone is where pies get cut.

Where all the guys get stuck.

Try to front we gon’ size you up.
Like Corleone’ll grab the chrome and throw fiv
e in yo’ gut.”

It sure sounds like L’s protégé, the guy who would’ve been a future member of The Wolfpack (along with L, Jay-Z and Herb McGruff) on Roc-A-Fella Records, was getting some extra help with his writing.

Derek “Bloodshed” Armstead: Born May 5th, 1976, Died March 2nd, 1997.

I recently had a chance to talk with Derek “Bloodshed” Armstead’s half brother Brian about his brother’s life and near the end of the interview, he said this:

“…As a fan, go back to Crush on You by Lil’ Cease and Lil’ Kim and listen to Lil’ Cease’s part. You can hear that Cam and my brother wrote it. It is typical Bloodshed and I can’t remember the exact lyrics but ‘CDs with crazy bass, keep my ladies laced, don’t be fooled by the baby face’ was the end of my brother’s bars. If you listen to the beginning of that part you can definitely hear his style when it says something about sea breeze…” ~ Brian Armstead

This next one doesn’t have a reference track but for comparison, here’s (Murda Mase,) Bloodshed and Cam’Ron, then Killa Kam, on the Children of the Corn song Doin’ It (192 CBR).

And here’s Lil’ Cease and Lil’ Kim’s Crush on You.

It has long been said that Cam, Mase and of course Big were some of Sean Combs and Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s most prominent, well known ghostwriters. Particularly (according to Lil’ Cease) that Biggie wrote the entirety of Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s ’95 debut album, Conspiracy, not just Cease’s verse on Player’s Anthem and also that Cam’Ron wrote Crush on You for Kim and Cease, right down to the hook.

Not only has the latter story been confirmed but also that Bloodshed was ghostwriting with his cousin Cam and that he contributed lines to this song as well. In ‘97 Bloodshed was killed in a car crash exactly one week before Biggie was shot. But in ‘95 / 96, they were both writing lyrics for the same people. That makes at least three outta the five MCs from Children of the Corn writing for Biggie Smalls‘ people (and every MC in the group but McGruff is now known for having ghostwritten in the nineties).

Which makes me wonder, what else is already out there that we just don’t know about?

Killa Kam, Herb McGruff, Bloodshed, Big L, Jim Jones & Murda Mase

Peace to Biggie, Big L and Bloodshed and props to BigLOnline, Blood’s brother Brian and D.I.T.C. affiliate Marquee for the photos, videos and information.

The Big Sleep