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The T.R.O.Y. Blog Presents: Funk-O-Rama V4

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
Installment number 4, more to come. Stay tunned.
** dirt_dog on the covers


01. Main Source – Fakin’ The Funk
02. Chi-Ali – Funky Lemonade
03. Casual – Follow The Funk
04. WC And The Maad Circle – Get Up On That Funk
05. Cypress Hill – The Phuncky Feel One
06. Godfather Don – Ill Funk Freaker
07. Heavy D & The Boyz – Chunky But Funky (Remix)
08. Digital Underground – Nuttin’ Nis Funky
09. Big 50 – Funk Flow
10. Funky Trend – Funky Commercial Break
11. Funkdoobiest – The Funkiest
12. Whodini – Five Minutes Of Funk

Regional Obscurities – Houston,TX

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Pioneers like The Geto Boys and K-Rino are probably the first names that come to your mind when thinking of Houston hip hop. Don’t forget Houston is also the birthplace of one of your favorite producers ever, Primo.

But in this compilation,we’re going to get a little deeper than the obvious. This was put together by one of our most prolific posters at the T.R.O.Y. forum, Markshot. He was kind enough to include info on all these artists as well. In fact, he was so thorough with it, there’s no way we could post it all. So, we posted some info and the rest is in the download.

1. Point Blank – On Point
2. M.U.C.H. Posse – On Fondren
3. Klass C – What Hood Is That
4. Trinity Garden Cartel – Charge It To The Game
5. Lil Rascal – You Gone Ride Feat. Criminal Elament & Trigga
6. Nuwine – Kroket America
7. 4 Deep – Can’t Turn Back
8. Madd Hatta – Trunk-O-Funk
9. Godfather – My Stelo Feat. The Problemed Child
10. Klondike Kat – Hustler
11. Big 50 – Everyday
12. Livin’ Illegal – Confess
13. Big Mello – Love Don’t Love Nobody
14. Gangsta Profile – CWW
15. 4 Deep – True Blue Brother
16. Soutern Funk Playas – Playa Hata
17. D Of Trinity Garden Cartel – Nigga Luck
18. Big 50 – Funk Flow
19. J-Roll – Ya’ll Go Feel Me
20. Botany Boys – Cloverland
21. Gangsta Profile – Caddilac Action
22. The Infamous X-Mann – Mobbin The Town
23. Crime Boss – Unsolved Mysteries                                   

Peep some samples:

Point Blank is originally a rapper from Chicago, IL but later moved to Houston, TX in 1990 and joined the South Park Coalition (S.P.C.). Since then, he has been one of the hardest rappers in the click. He is known for his raw and uncut delivery. He is also the founder of the group Wreckless Klan. 
This was off his debut album that was released in 1992 on Bigtyme Recordz. 
Production on this dope album was done by Point Blank himself along with Pimp C of UGK, K-Rino, Triple 6 and Egypt E.

Trinity Garden Cartel, after their first album dropped in 1992 on Cartel Records, their second and very controversial album was released in 1994 on Rap-A-Lot Records. 
The government banned the album due to photographs of Houston Police being portrayed in a negative way and because of its lyrical content. 
Despite the fact that it was banned, the record still managed to sell over one hundred thousand units.

4 Deep is a trio which consists of Klas’ One (MC) and two brothers, Koo Rod (MC) and Big Boss (Producer). The group has released several albums,first one on Power Artist Records and the rest on Albatross Records. All albums are entirely produced by Big Boss,who passed away due to kidney failure in late 2006.

Madd Hatta a.k.a. Mista Madd is not only a rapper and producer, he’s also well respected radio DJ in Texas and the host of the Houston-based radio talk show “Madd Hatta Morning Show”. 
He released 3 albums, “All About Me” in 1995, “Serious” in 1996 and “The pH Factor” in 1997. He is owner of Houston based hip-hop recording label, Paid In Full Entertainment.

Klondike Kat has been in the game for over 20 years and is one of the rap legends in Houston. 
Kat is a pure lyricist as well as a producer and R&B song writer/producer. 
He joined the S.P.C. in 1992, but he has always been a well respected artist long before that. 
He dropped his 1st ep “The Lyrical Lion” in 1993.

Big Mello is a rapper from Hiram Clarke in Houston, TX. He is known for his hard street style and gangster delivery. This was his debut album and was released in 1992 on Rap-A-Lot Records.
He went on to release 4 more albums, some of which are considered classics in the south. 
Big Mello passed away on June 16, 2002. It is said that he lost control of his car and hit a pillar, killing both himself and a passenger. He was 33 years old. Both Z-Ro and Scarface have released separate tribute songs to honor his passing. He is regarded as one of the true soldiers to have ever stepped in the game. Rest in peace Big Mello.

D is a rapper from Trinity Garden, which is located on the northside of Houston, TX. 
D and his homie J.F. started Cartel Records in the early 90’s. D was also the leader of the infamous group, Trinity Garden Cartel. The track from this mix is from his first album, Game Done Changed, dropped in 1995 on Cartel Records. D is in prison right now and is serving a 25 year sentence.

Download compilation and complete info here

Mad props to Markshot for putting this compilation together complete with a wealth of information about all the artists on it.
— Verge