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The Basement Khemist

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Over at the forums, contributor Mr. J Selectah is an enthusiastic and generous fan of great 90s indie hip hop, always uploading rare treats for us to forage. Although he’s quite knowledgeable he is also humble enough to to ask his fellow T.R.O.Y. denizens to help him out when he’s stumped. It’s this kind of symbiotic relationship that makes out forum a great place to visit for rap fiends. Recently, he posted a thread full of advanced level questions, many of which remain unanswered.

One of the questions that stood out to me was whether or not The Basement Khemist (or “Basement Khemists” depending on who you ask) ever released tracks aside from the ones that appeared on a five track bootleg in late 90s. Selectah was kind enough to provide us with divshare uploads of these songs, and Roy Johnson upped a glitch-free version of “Petrified”:
Basement Khemists – Vibrate
Basement Khemists – Petrified
Basement Khemists – Everybody
Basement Khemists – I’m doin’ ya
Basement Khemists – Correct technique
So does anyone have any leads? We know from other internet sources that “Vibrate” was released on vinyl but what else, if anything is out there? Anybody? Bueller?
— Thun

Backpacker Tapes Volume 1

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Backpacker Tapes V1 (1997-2000)
1. Wee Bee Foolish – Tiger Boogs
2. J-Live, Asheru & Grap Luva – Trackrunners
3. J-Treds, Yeshua & Pumpkinhead – Truly Gifted Ones
4. Siah – Repetition
5. K-Otix – Falling Behind
6. Basement Khemists – Petrified
7. Last Emperor – The Dozen
8. Styles Of Beyond – Endangered Part II
9. Masterminds – I’m Talented
10. Edan – The E’s Have It
11. L-Fudge – Liquid
12. Chali 2na – Cut Chemist Suite (Remix)
13. Sound Providers – The Field
14. Reflection Eternal – 2000 Seasons
15. Dujeous – The Future
16. Blackalicious – Shallow Days
17. Mr. Lif – I Am Myself


Wee Bee Foolish – Tiger Boogs

J-Live, Asheru & Grap Luva – Trackrunners

K-Otix – Falling Behind

Last Emperor – The Dozen

Dujeous – The Future

–Roy Johnson