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Return of The Boom-Bap (The T.R.O.Y. Blog mix)

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

For all of our Spotify users out there, our lil’ bro blog OpinionatedJay has put together 4 really cohesive mixes covering a few different themes such as indie rap, collaborations and posse cuts to quintessential Boom-Bap hip-hop. Check them out and subscribe to the ones you like because we’ll continue adding to these playlists as more tracks become available via Spotify.

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Dropped Same Day: AZ / Jamal / Kausion / KRS / Menace Clan / Souls of Mischief

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Here’s another six records, this time from around the middle of the decade. AZ first shows up on the scene, in addition to three artists / groups that only ever dropped a single album and then of course there’s the Jive rematch between KRS and Souls.

Choose the winner. (#09)

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Tuesday, October 10th, 1995.

Six LPs: AZ‘s debut, via EMI, Jamal‘s only, on Rowdy Records, Kausion‘s only, through Lench Mob Records, KRS-One‘s sophomore, by way of Jive, Menace Clan‘s only, off  Noo Trybe / Rap-A-Lot and Souls of Mischief‘s second, via Jive.

Pick your favorite and / or the best album, doesn’t matter.

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And feel free to state your case, leave corrections or post additional match ups you would like to see in the comments below.

— The Big Sleep


M.O.P – Remixes, B-Sides & Non-Album Tracks

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Thanks to Thereallex for putting this joint together. It’s one 1 of 8 volumes we’ll be bringing you of M.O.P. remixes, b-sides and non-album tracks.  Be sure to send him your thanks on the forum and be on the look out for volume 2 coming at cha. —Philaflava

 M.O.P – Remixes, B-Sides & Non-Album Tracks

01 – Premier Intro
02 – Rawness Ft Teflon
03 – Comin At Cha Ft Teflon
04 – Warfare Ft Afu-Ra
05 – NHB Ft Tommy Tee and Royal Flush-Street
06 – Pounds Up Ft DITC
07 – It’s The Ones Ft PMD
08 – Know Da Game Ft Kool G Rap and Mobb Deep
09 – Sit Em Back Slow Ft Az
10 – Crossfire Ft Afu-Ra
11 – Legendary Street Team Ft Kool G Rap
12 – Annihilation Ft Blackmoon and Teflon
13 – My Kind Of Nigga Ft Heather B
14 – Who Got Gunz Ft Gangstarr
15 – Dr. Feelgood Ft Kid Capri, Nine, Nice & Smooth, Ill Al Skratch
16 – No Doubt Ft Das EFX and Teflon
17 – Bizness VS Friendship feat. Gangstarr
18 – NHB Remix feat Tommy Tee and Royal Flush
19 – Rugged Never Smooth (Premier Remix)
20 – Pounds Up – (Sagace Remix)



East Coast Rarities Volumes 100-101 (1990-1998)

Monday, August 8th, 2011

There is a shitload of rare material on these compilations. If you have listened to all of them so far, thank you! Hope everyone likes these. We’ll be dropping two new volumes for the next few days. I’m going for 200 of these east coast hip hop 12 inch mixes eventually. Sometimes there are location/year errors on these mixes, but whatever. I know the majority of the people who listen to these overlook mistakes because there is a lot of dope material, most of it actually east coast. Lend me your thoughts, yo! – Schenectadyfan

volume 100

01 (4:17) epmd – crossover (trunk mix) 1992
02 (4:14) afrika bambaataa – time 2 get open 1993
03 (4:40) fearless four – keep on rockin’ 1992
04 (2:29) son of sam – charisma 1993
05 (4:45) smoove dee – smove is the name (og club mix) 1995
06 (4:32) e rule – listen up 1994
07 (5:13) az (ft. nas) – mo money, mo murder “homicide” (1995)
08 (4:15) dj mighty mi ft various artists – actual facts remix 1997
09 (4:18) rob o – world premier 1997
10 (3:32) q jru ft. tragedy khadafi – u bless me
11 (2:44) shadows of mayhem – shakaphobia 1992
12 (4:19) nimbus – n.y. the essence 1998
13 (2:23) dark skinned assassin – uncontrollables 199?
14 (4:09) uneek, d. wop, don black & noreaga – above water ii (unreleased) 1997
15 (3:53) cheeph boogie – ready 4 war 199?
16 (3:53) sauce money ft dj premier – against the grain 1997
17 (2:54) brain dead – homicide 1997
18 (4:06) broadway – will to survive 1997



Freeway Sorts Through Fan Mail

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Stream – Freeway and Jake One “Stimulus Package Outro (Fan Mail)”

It is 2010. Freeway is home alone for a change, taking a break from the studio grind. He has been through his share of personal and professional tribulations, but his recent mixtape collaboration with producer Jake One and a new contract with Rhymesayers Entertainment points to a bright and productive future. In his post-State Property, post-Hajj days, he is grateful that he is still rapping and touring. Hearing from his fans is one of the purest blessings he receives while working in show business.

Unlike AZ, whose 2001 song titled “Fan Mail”1 was rapped entirely from the perspective of the letter writers, Freeway’s rhymes in The Stimulus Package outro track  includes a first person narration of the process of receiving, reading, and reacting to the messages. Freeway’s choice to integrate such exposition into his verses (he also included unrhymed ad-libs between verses) has the effect of knocking down formal barriers between the artist and the fan. (more…)

  1. Read my analysis of AZ’s ” Fan Mail” if you missed it. []

AZ Sorts Through Fan Mail

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Stream – AZ “Fan Mail”

It is 2002. AZ  is lounging in his living room on a tasteful sofa facing a coffee table, we must presume. Wifey is singularly focused on preparing a meal. She half-hears his requests to read some newly arrived letters over his shoulder. She does not mean to be dismissive but her work is unfinished. Life zooms along in the background while the artist slows down to reflect. This is a truth that informs much of AZ’s music. Listeners who nurture grandiose dreams while living check to check hear enhanced versions of their own lives in his eloquently rhymed street life tales and artistic mission statements.

When AZ pens a fictively inflected song that involves him reading fan letters aloud, we expect that the voice he employs to represent his fans will ring proudly aspirational in the face of adversity. But AZ expects even more. He exhales anxiously when he opens the letters. After reading their real world counterparts he knows that his invented letters have a life that is all their own. The rhymes are written in his cadence and flavored with his slang, but when he reads them back to himself they will be armed with the weight of a collective’s struggle to survive and the unsavory intimate details of loss and strife. His first letter comes from Fishkill Correctional Facility. (more…)


20 D Energizers (Mixtape)

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Jose from WordIsBond hit us up and told us here is a mix T.R.O.Y. cats are gonna love. He was kind enough to give this to T.R.O.Y. and only T.R.O.Y. so check it out and be sure to show Jose some love back. –Philaflava

001. 20 D Energizers – Radio Raheem
002. The Natural – Gang Starr
003. Cession at da Doghillee – Boot Camp Click
004. Can’t Stop the Prophet (Pete Rock Remix) – Jeru the Damaja
005. Soul Plan – Lord Finesse
006. Fla La Lashe – Medina Green
007. Blowing Down – Digable Planets
008. 20 Cents (A Tale of Two Dimes) – Adagio
009. Understanding – Nas
010. What a Niggy Know – KMD
011. Slave – Blackmoon
012. Tried by 12 – East Flat Bush Project
013. Infinite – Eminem
014. Your World Don’t Stop – AZ
015. Hellucination – Smif-N-Wessun
016. Next Level – Showbiz & A.G.
017. C’mon Wit da Git Down – Artifacts
018. Three Stories High – Mic Geronimo
019. Pass the Popcorn – The Roots
020. On the Air – I.G. off & Hazardous
021. The Rap Game ft. Pete RockLarge Professor
022. 2000 Seasons – Reflection Eternal
023. Metaphysic – Scienz of Life
024. Voicetress ft. De La Soul – Truth Enola
025. Soul by the Pound – Common Sense
026. Think Twice – INI
027. Correct Technique ft. Problemz – Black Attack
028. Info for the Streets – Mood
029. If You Can Huh You Can Hear – Mos Def
030. Whirlwind Thru Cities – Afu Ra


J-Love “Nas’ Finest” (Cassette)

Saturday, February 6th, 2010


This tape is one of those gems that never gets old (even with some J-Love drops on it). When I first got my hand on a copy of this tape, it really opened up my eyes to the possibility that a lot of artists had material that never made it on albums. And at the time, J-Love seemed to be the one with all the connections as every one of his tapes were covered in exclusives, remixes and unreleased tracks. See scans for track lists and the download contains a full scan of the j-card.



Shouts to Ricky D for sending me a shoe box full of mixtapes many years ago. I’m finally getting around to ripping them.



AZ – A.W.O.L. (Hydra Beats Blends)

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

You already know what it is, but now it’s better. T.R.O.Y. forum regular, vaporized, went and laced the acapellas of A.W.O.L. with some of the highly sought after Hydra Beats instrumentals. Whether you thought A.W.O.L was dope, mediocre, or garbage, you’re gonna want to give this another listen right about now. It’s a completely different look over these mostly mellow mid 90’s soundscapes. I’ve had this in constant rotation for a couple of weeks now, and can tell you that this will be something to revisit often in the future.
Two tracks had to be left off because they just didn’t work. And that may be for the best because we all know this hip hop thing can’t be forced. My top 3 tracks at this moment are “Never Change”, “Street Life”, and “Chillin”. I’ll leave you previews of these three below the tracklist.

01. AZ – A.W.O.L. (E-Boogie blend)
02. AZ – Can’t Stop (Nick Wiz blend)
03. AZ ft. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah – New York (Unsociables blend)
04. AZ – Never Change (Beatnuts blend)
05. AZ ft. Half A Mil & Begetz – Street Life (Unsociables blend)
06. AZ – Still Alive (Beatnuts blend)
07. AZ – The Come Up (Kid Called Roots blend)
08. AZ – Chillin’ (Kid Called Roots blend)
09. AZ – Envious (Nick Wiz blend)
10. AZ – City Of Gods (E-Boogie blend)
Never Change (Beatnuts blend)

Street Life (Unsociables blend)
Chillin’ (Kid Called Roots blend)



Say What, Say What? Joe Budden

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Thun: Okay, T.R.O.Y. Nation, get a load of this shit., that renowned purveyor of controversial rankings, is running an NCAA-styled tournament media stunt titled “The Best Rapper Ever.” In the video you see embedded above, sorta famous but not especially popular one-hit-blunder Joe Budden expressed extreme disapproval. Being the self-absorbed half-wit that we all know him to be, he takes his #32 ranking within his bracket as some kind of insult and goes on a ten minute rant which culminates in the claim that he is a better rapper than the majority of those ranked in the entire tournament. Needless to say, I’m not co-signing this, and his twittered caveat about considering how these artists would fare on the mic “now” is not convincing in the least.

Philaflava: Is this the guy who recently took the L from Saigon or the one who blamed Def Jam on his lack of success due to the way his name (Buddens) was marketed, because sometimes I confuse the two.

Thun: I dunno but I’m pretty sure this is the guy whose voice was actually improved by developing polyps in his throat. Now he’s on YouTube accusing Vibe of not knowing hip hop history or the craft of emceeing in the same breath he claims to have never heard of Cowboy from the Furious Five. That’s the thing about self-serving, heavy-handed agendas – they make you look dumb.

Philaflava: In any event, I think he is looking at this Vibe bracket all wrong. Sure there are some weak opponents and sure there are some questionable rankings, but to imply he’s better than “half” of the list (64 rappers) is just asinine. He’s practically saying he’s better than Puba, AZ, MF Doom, Black Thought and Method Man just in that 10 minute clip.

Thun: Puba? Really? Budden – you have a song better than “Wake Up?” A party classic better than “360”? A club song more memorable than “I Like It”? Say what say what? AZ? You can flow better than his verse on “Life’s A Bitch?” It must take incredible willpower to NEVER exercise that option, dun!

Philaflava: The difference is Budden has two albums to his name, both were nothing to write home about while the others catalogs run circles around him.

Thun: Budden has two albums out? Not mixtapes … not Imeem play lists … not vidoes of his wife and kids doing household chores … but albums? Was this news made available beyond his first cousins and weed connect?

Philaflava: Unfortunately, Budden is gonna go out like Stephen F. Austin of this tournament, but hey, there is always the NIT of Rap tournaments to look forward to. Either way, Joe should check himself if thinks he’s better than half that list.

Thun: This video is maddening. Now, don’t get me wrong – any respectable rapper should be offended if they are ranked lower than Lil’ Bow Wow and MC Hammer. But that’s where Budden’s legitimate grievances end. But, no. Instead of being thankful he was even acknowledged at all, he passively aggressively mutters names on the list and makes faces at the camera, implying but not directly stating that he feels that he is a superior rapper to people like Melle Mel and Chubb Rock, who tour and rock guest appearances to this day. All this delivered with the level of maturity and poise commonly associated with a flustered second grader who was picked last for the kickball team.

Philaflava: We got your back Quincy J. Oh , and Blackout 2 is out there now – the plot thickens.

Thun: To all aspiring young rappers who are witnessing such lunacy and don’t know what to make of it: learn from this fiasco. Shit-eating smugness is not flow. Asshole-ishness is not lyricism. Twitter is not a respected discography. Tricking on a video model is not creating memorable lyrics. Tattoos are not genre-changing albums. Challenging rappers who paved the way for you and have no need whatsoever to even acknowledge your punk ass to some imaginary war of hackneyed sports punchlines is not a good look.