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DJ Smurf aka Collipark – Versastyles (1994)

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Debut album from DJ Smurf which came out on Wrap Records in 1994. The album consists of a mix of Miami Bass (3 tracks total), east coast and west coast gangsta rap. DJ Smurf is now Mr. Collipark whose label is Collipark records. Gangster Trick is now a manager at a Best Buy. Rap life. –Philaflava

1. R.C. Intro
2. Scrapin ‘ 4 A Dime
3. Malice
4. Goondog
5. Tha Hill
6. Can’t Fuck Wit Me
7. Fingaz On The Triggaz
8. Bet Dat Down
9. Shy-D Outro
10. 4 Tha Blunted Ones
11. Drippin’
12. Lower The B****
13. Ooh Lawd (Party People)
14. 2 Tha Walls
15. 4 Tha Trunks
16. Yap Dog
17. Everyone


Touring The States: Atlanta, GA

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
CMP, which stands for Causing Much Pain, are straight outta A-Town.
According to some thin info i found on the web, the group consists of MC Venny and The Rebel.
Also, the names of the members of A.T.F. are Triple Dee and Triple X. That’s about all I could find on these cats, so if you have some additional info then feel free to add on, add on.
They made a great choice of putting Smoke On as the opening track, a great tune it is.
CMPA Southern Point Of View (1995)
01. Smoke On
02. Kicking It
03. Ballin’
04. Let’s Get Loaded
05. Playaz From The South
06. All Night
07. Mr. Weedman
08. A-Town Funk
09. The Bad Way Out
10 . Lookin’ 4 A Way Out
11. Smoke On For ’95
12. Ballin’ (Video Version)
13. Strictly For My Niggas
14. Shout Out
— Markshot

Hen – The Underworld (Atlanta 1994)

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

This an unsung classic out of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s pretty rare, I have seen it selling in the 100 dollar range on ebay. My favorite track is probably number 7. Hen is not some playalistic shit like Outkast, or booty shakin’ garbage like 2 Live Crew. Hen dances to the beat of a different drummer. This album is gritty, funky, infectious. I hope you like it as much as I do.

01. The Underworld
02. Chillin’ In The Morgue
03. A Beer And A Nut
04. 10 Dollar Freak
05. Ice Cream Cone
06. Must Be The Pussy
07. I’m A Bad Motherfucker
08. Fire Ass Weed
09. All The Ho’s In The House Say “HO”
10. Drop The Bass
11. Booty-Booty
12. All The Freaks In The House Say “HO”
13. Is It Good To You?
14. Dear Old Dad

For anyone who wants to know, I’ve looked high and low for the cover to this album. No luck anywhere. Leave some comments, let me know if you like it.


Touring The States: Atlanta, GA

Thursday, May 14th, 2009
Some nice Old School straight from Atlanta. Damage consists of 2 MC’s named Diquil and Ice-Ski and DJ Ron. Check this embed divshare list with samples before you download. For more thorough info about Damage and the whole production and a higher-res scan of the cassette cover, check out the download file.

DamageCan’t Get No Lower (1991)

Side A:
01. Dead Man Walking
02. Can’t Get No Lower
03. Coolin

Side B:
01. Too Low
02. Screamin Bloody Murder
03. Cable Face

Check out the samples:


— Markshot