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Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (41-50)

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Today we present the final installment of the series. We hope that you were introduced to music that is new and beautiful to your ears. Be sure to check out Selections 1-10, Selections 11-20, Selections 21-30, and Selections 31-40 as well.

41. Lord Finesse “Hip 2 Da Game” (Buckwild Remix)

The original was a near-perfect quintessential Lord Finesse production. Somehow, some way Buckwild managed to improve upon it, matching the grandiosity of Finesse’s boasts with lush, sweeping music.
42. Tragedy “Funk Mode” (Large Pro Remix)

43. Brand Nubian “Concerto In X Minor” (Remix)
“On the real-tip let’s take a field trip from the ghetto / You pick the time and we’ll meet in the meadow/ To discuss racial issues and tension/ New York’s a violent keg did I forget to mention…”
44. Lord Finesse ft. Big L “Yes You May” (Remix)
AG and Percee-P are replaced by Big L and a drum heavy beat. L spits non-stop quotables and Finesse displays his mastery of similes and unabashed shit talking.
45a. Common Sense “Resurrection” (Extra P Remix)
45b. Common Sense “Resurrection (Large Pro Remix)
46. Chino XL “Kreep” (Video Mix)
47. Beatnuts “No Equal” (Remix)
The original was the greatest vibraphone-laced death threat aimed at Das Efx ever. This remix makes the original sound like the fucking Barney The Dinosaur theme song in comparison.
48. Nice N’ Smooth “Cash In My Hands” (Remix)
49. Pharcyde “Passin’ Me By” (Remix)
50. Public Enemy “How To Kill A Radio Consultant” (Chuck Chillout Remix)

Download all of today’s remixes here:

Fifty RemixesYou Need To Hear (31-40)

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Well, we’re moving right along through the list and we here at T.R.O.Y. hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard thus far.  If you’ve just arrived check out Selections 1-10, Selections 11-20, and Selections 21-30, and then devour today’s picks. 

31. Ice Cube “What Can I Do?” (Ali Shaheed Eastside Remix)

32. Masta Ace “Saturday Night Live” (L.A. Jay Remix)
33. Nas ft. Sadat X. “One Love” (One L Main Mix)

The Groove Merchantz, a team consisting of Godfather Don and V.I.C. enlist Brand Nubian member Sadat X to help give this personal ode to fam locked up an even more intimate vibe. The drums remain, but in comes the horns that help to recreate the track. And while the original hook sported by Q-Tip was soothing, this one is more conspicuous and catchy.

34. Hard 2 Obtain “Ghetto Diamond” (Remix)
35. Ultramagnetic MCs “Saga Of Dandy, The Devil, And Day” (Remix)
The original’s slow, plodding beat never sounded quite right combined with the raps by Kool Keith and Ced Gee. The drums have been brought forward and the awkwardly placed trumpet has been wisely moved to the background, creating a much more aurally pleasing sound and really letting you concentrate on the lyrics.
36. Kurious “I’m Kurious” (Pete Nice Remix)
While the infectious “Mysterious Vibes” sample is always appreciated, Pete Nice decided to give “I’m Kurious” some more bap for it’s boom. The lyrics may be the same, but the track certainly isn’t.
37. Souls Of Mischief “Never No More” (76 Seville Mix)
38. Compton’s Most Wanted “Def Wish II” (DJ Premiere Remix)
It’s bad enough MC Eiht got at DJ Quik, but to add insult to injury DJ Premier remixed possibly the best Def Wish track out of the series and made the DJ Slip verison absolutely forgettable. This was one of the first Westcoast remixes Work of Mart produced.
39. Chi-Ali “Funky Lemonade” (Beatnuts Remix)
40. Jungle Brothers ft. Q-Tip “On The Road Again” (Remix)

Download all of today’s songs here:

Tune in tomorrow for selections 41-50.

Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (21-30)

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

21. Fat Joe ft. Grand Puba and Diamond D. “Watch The Sound” (Beatnuts Remix)
22. Nas “The World Is Yours” (Q-Tip Remix)
23. Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Brooklyn Zoo” (Digga Remix)
A phenomenal remixed version of this ODB classic. Produced by the one and only Lord Digga. Search our archives for a 2CD set of Digga productions.
24.a Kool G. Rap ft. Nas “Fast Life” (Norfside Remix)
24.b Kool G. Rap ft. Nas “Fast Life” (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
25. Gangstarr “Gotta Get Over” (Large Pro Remix)
On this remix, Large Professor shows us what you can accomplish with a simple yet filthy bassline. Sometimes less is more.
26. OC “Word … Life” (DJ Celory Remix)
27. J-Live “Braggin’ Writes” (Domecracker Remix)
28. Dr. Octagon “Blue Flowers” (Prince Paul Remix)
Dan The Automator’s version is one of the creepiest, unsettling, beautiful rap instrumentals ever. No stranger to eccentric mind-fuckery on wax, Prince Paul manages to craft a version every bit as eerie and absurd, for the win.
29. GZA ft. Inspektah Deck and D’Angelo “Cold World” (RZA Remix)
If you’re looking for a track this X-mas to help you gain weight and abuse smack like it’s featured guest, then check out the Cold World remix featuring D’Angelo. His haunting crooning of the chorus gives it an even more ominous feel than the original, complimented perfectly by a few subtle tweaks in the beat by RZA.
30. Cypress Hill ft. Redman, Erick Sermon, MC Eiht “Throw Your Set In The Air” (Remix)

Download all today’s remixes here:

Tune in tomorrow for selections 31-40.

Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (11-20)

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

11. KMD ft. MF Grimm “What A Niggy Know” (Remix)

12. Lord Finesse “S.K.I.T.S.” (Remix)
The original was sparser and more raw, but this remix is more layered, ringing, and insistent, which lends itself well to the tone of alarm being conveyed. Adding Big L to the chorus was an excellent decision.
13. Common Sense “Soul By The Pound” (Thump Mix)
14. Casual “That’s How It Is” (Disshowwedo Remix)
15. Grand Puba ft. Sadat X “I Like It” (Buckwild Remix)

This one isn’t hugely different from the hit original, but Buckwild manages to give it a more hardcore feel without sacrificing its mass appeal. Sadat X.’s cameo is one of his finest.
16. Artifacts “Dynamite Soul II” (Lip Service Remix)
17. Aceyalone “Mic Check” (Kemo Remix)
Kemo’s version of Aceyalone’s catchy ode to rocking shows and raking in the dough was the top finalist in a remix contest announced on the original’s sleeve. Besides being a banger of a beat, it also complements Aceyalone’s whimsical vocals quite well.
18. Camp Lo “Coolie High” (Paradise Remix)
Only Camp-Lo can out-smooth Camp-Lo. This version pulls off that sultry slick nonsensical jewel heist vibe that these BX rhymers consistently aimed for in their heyday.
19. Bush Babees “Remember Me” (Salaam Remi Remix)
20. Alkaholiks “Mary Jane” (Remix)
Tune in tomorrow for selections 21-30.

Fifty Remixes You Need To Hear (1-10)

Monday, January 5th, 2009

This is a RAP NERD VOLTRON in full effect, duns amd dun-ettes. The entire T.R.O.Y. regular staff (Admiral, Blockhead, Philaflava, Roy Johnson, Schenactady Fan, Thun, ThomasV, Verge) put our heads together to come up with a list of Fifty Remixes that YOU need to hear as soon as humanly possible! Take note that this is not a list of the “best” remixes ever (though many are contenders) or even our very “favorites,” (though some qualify) but simply a list of fifty great remixes (interpreted somewhat loosely to include songs that are essentially remakes or sequels) that we think you’ll enjoy. We tried to leave out extremely obvious picks (“Scenario” 7 MCs Remix, “I Got’Cha Opin”, and the like) but we also kept the list fairly accessible and mostly confined to crews that were signed and put out actual albums. We’ll be bringing you ten picks every morning this week, so join the T.R.O.Y. Movement and spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, Digg, the message boards and blogs you frequent, text messages, and what have you. Enjoy, and be sure to leave some (hopefully not hateful) feedback.
1. Eric B. & Rakim “Microphone Fiend” (45 King Remix)

2. Leaders Of The New School “International Zone Coaster” (SD50s Remix)

This one is a pure adrenaline rush, and it’s easily one of our favorite L.O.N.S. tracks. Produced by Dante Ross of the SD50s.
3. Slick Rick “It’s A Boy” (Large Pro Remix)

Quite possibly the dopest remix that the Large Professor has ever produced, and that’s saying something. Extra P utilized an incredible Cal Tjader sample for this one. Check out out 2CD set of Cal Tjader samples.

4. Artifacts “Ultimate” (Showbiz Remix)

5. De La Soul “Breakadawn” (De La Remix)

A slammin’ remix that doesn’t get mentioned too often. While it’s hard to outdo the original, this one definitely comes close. That “Dawn Brings Smoke” beat is outstanding.
6. 3rd Bass “Product Of The Environment” (Marley Marl Remix)

7. Organized Konfusion “Stress” (Extra P Remix)

8. Das Efx “Microphone Master” (Domecracker Remix)

9. Da King & I “Tears” (Darp Vibe)

10. MOP “Rugged Neva Smoove” (Premier Remix)

Here are all 10 of them in one file:

Tune in tomorrow morning for selections 11-20.