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Take It Personal (Miami Bass Tribute)

Friday, March 29th, 2019

The Miami Bass movement was extremely prominent in the 80s and 90s, thanks to legendary artists like 2 Live Crew, MC Shy D, Planet Patrol, Gucci Crew, Anquette, Poison Clan and Clay D. The DJ’s also played a significant role in the movement as well, like Mr. Mixx, DJ Magic Mike, DJ Laz, Uncle Al, Jam Pony Express, Felix Sama, Power Supply and Jealous J (Jim Jonsin). While most people think Uncle Luke when talking about Miami Bass, the scene was so thick as Andre would say. Before you had Pitbull, Flo Rida, Kodak Black, Rick Ross, Ace Hood, DJ Khaled, Stitches, Lil Pump or XXXTENTACION, you had this great music featured on our 1 hour and 23 minute mix. We know our core audience is prominently east coast (bias) and we all know where hip-hop started. If you’re a fan of Take It Personal, you’ll know we cover everything and take pride in showcasing music from all over. But it’s important to listen, understand and appreciate what other regions like the South have to offer. We don’t expect you to love everything we play, but everything played on this tribute was played for a reason. This is an extensive timeline of Miami Bass themed music and while the Miami sound evolved and featured less bass as the years went on, all these tracks capture an important time in music, especially in the MIA. This is our Miami Bass Tribute. We hope you all enjoy it!

Country Rap Tunez

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Thanks to Zodiak Illa for lacing us with some Miami heat this weekend (no D-Wade). –Philaflava

01 Rock Rangers – Country Western Rock [Club Version]
02 Rock Rangers – Country Western Rock [Radio Version]
03 Rock Rangers – Country Western Rock [Dub Version]


01 miami boyz – do you want to party
02 miami boyz – do you want to party [inst]
03 miami boyz – do you want to party [dub]


01 mc smart – daddy long stroke [radio].
02 mc smart – daddy long stroke [inst]
03 mc smart – daddy long stroke [nasty mix]
04 mc smart – fuck where i’m from


[click image to download]

[click image to download]

Clan In The Front

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

When I first moved to Florida it took awhile for me to adjust to the music they played. DJ Magic Mike, 2 Live Crew and a group called the Poison Clan were considered the local favorites and if you ever had the pleasure of attending a real house party in South Florida chances are you were blessed with these sounds.

Posion Clan consisted of Debonaire and JT Money. They did have a 3rd member for a minute named Drugs but he was no Al Tariq so needless to say he was not missed after the 2 Low Life Muthas album.

2 Low Life Muthas was produced by 2 Live Crew member Mr. Mixx and was released in 1990 on Luke Records. But it wasn’t until they dropped Poisonous Mentality (1992), and its big hit, “Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya,” that they put themselves on the map. Poisonous Mentality found J.T. Money taking over as Poison Clan’s driving force — though Poison Clan paraded itself as a collective, it was actually more of a solo project.

Successive albums — Ruff Town Behavior (1993) and Strait Zooism (1995) — had moderate success, but none had songs that were as popular with national audiences as “Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya.”

01. Low Life Mutha Fuckas 04:43
02. Spoiled Rotten 04:41
03. Jeri Curl 04:19
04. The Bitch That I Hate 04:33
05. Dance All Nite 04:08
06. Poison Freestyle 05:16
07. Flaugin’ 04:40
08. Bad Influence 04:14
09. You Gets Nothin’ 04:51
10. The Neighborhood Haps 02:52
11. Juveniles 07:03

01. Jt’s Dream 02:46
02. Inside Edition 02:49
03. All They Good 4 03:12
04. Uzi Gets Shot 00:18
05. Action 03:15
06. Livin’ In The City 03:55
07. Raymond Up The Road 00:19
08. Fugitive 03:15
09. Ho’ Stories 03:21
10. Jt’s Confession 00:39
11. I Hate Ho’s 03:12
12. Drugz Bullshittin’ 00:15
13. Rough Nigga Gettin’ Busy 04:26
14. The Tip On Madball 00:28
15. Some Shit I Used To Do 04:00
16. That Was Ram 00:40
17. Groove With The Pc 03:54
18. Jt Ole Boy 00:09
19. No Haps 04:43
20. Shake Whatcha’ Mama Gave Ya’ 03:25
21. Big Nose 00:36
22. Somethin’ 4 You Raggedy Ho’s 04:15
23. Shorty T In Madball’s Basement 00:21
24. Shout Outs 05:24

01. Intro 02:13
02. Afraid Of The Flavor 04:16
03. Come A Surprise 00:20
04. Put Shit Pass No Ho 04:10
05. Some More Shit 03:31
06. Work For Free 00:21
07. Peepin 04:10
08. Pause For The Cause 00:58
09. Game Recognize Game 04:32
10. City Boy 03:23
11. Burn One 00:08
12. Check Out The Ave. Pt. I 03:17
13. Let’s Get Serious 02:22
14. Check Out The Ave. Pt. II 02:59
15. Setting Up 00:30
16. Sugarhill Style 04:27
17. True Player Speaks 00:50
18. Word From A Player 04:54
19. Ho Stories Pt. II 03:05
20. Madball Back 00:23
21. Listen 05:22
22. M.C. Sundance 01:36
23. Ruff Town Behavior 04:04
24. Comin Strap 01:14
25. Goin’ All Out 04:13

01. Intro 02:02

02. Fire Up This Funk (Listen Mix) 03:36
03. Paper Chase 05:16
04. Peep Da Flava 03:09
05. Ahead Of My Time 04:00
06. Buckle Up 05:23
07. Ganja Fiend 05:10
08. Shine Me Up 03:43
09. Busts A Pipe 05:12

Bonus Video:
Luke – Coward In Compton feat. JT Money

Props to Drastik Da God, Markshot & Galvatron78


95 South

Friday, October 24th, 2008

You didn’t think we had an east coast bias did you? Fuck that we’re about to drop two dope mixes with some of the most obscure Southern hip-hop you’ll ever find. Philaflava’s most entertaining poster cooked up some shit for ya’ll. The man they call Galvatron78 aka Shortphuze aka S
plack Morris is the genius behind the mixes.

Low On The Map – Mixtape

1. Straight Gangsterism – Geto Boys (Big Mike and 3-2) (1995 – N.O. & Houston)
2. Unsolved mystery – 8-Ball, Tela and South Circle (1996 Houston & Memphis)
3. The Ripdown – Madd Blunted (1995 Miami)
4. Poisonous freestyle – Poison Clan (1990 Miami)
5. Movin’ Along – Poison Clan (1996 Miami)
6. Give It Up Fucknigga – Balli and Fat Daddy (1992 Miami)
7. I Don’t Worry – Dawgzillaz (1994 Palm Beach County, FL)
8. Let The Good Times Roll – PNC (1995 New Orleans)



Loose Cuts From The Bottom – Compilation

1. Check It Out ya’ll – 2 Live Crew 1986
2. Freeze – Success N Effect 1989
3. We’re Goin Off – Clay D and The Get Funky Crew 1990
4. 15th Ave (tribute to Home Team) – Uncle Al 1994
5. 9MM Goes…- Lord Infamous and Juicy J 1993
6. I Can’t Be Your Man – T.I. 2000
7. Snowin’In Miami – Trick Daddy feat. Jamal of the Def Squad 1995
8. Bullet With Your Name On It – T-Rock 1997
9. Dead or Alive – Iceman Ja 1985
10. Georgia (Mc Shy D diss) – Kilo 1989
11. Seminole County – DMP 1996
12. The Vampire – J-Rocc and Terror 1995
13. Ana’ Ho – Playa Fly ft. Snubnoze