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Dropped Same Day: Tribe Called Quest / X Clan

Monday, May 13th, 2013

After securing only around a third of the vote during the first Dropped Same Day, we’re takin’ it back even further as Tribe returns to face off against the Afrocentric group X Clan, featuring both of their introductory albums at the beginning of the nineties.

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Tuesday, April 17th, 1990.

Two LPs: Tribe‘s first, off Jive / RCA and X Clan‘s debut, on 4th & B’way / Island.

Pick your favorite and / or the best album, doesn’t matter.

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And feel free to state your case, leave corrections or post additional match ups you would like to see in the comments below.

— The Big Sleep

Stretch And Bobbito Month: Setting It Off

Friday, October 1st, 2010

From today until the last day of October, we’ll be presenting you with as much Stretch and Bobbito related material as possible. And hopefully a bunch of ill gems you haven’t heard yet.

From the artists who got their first breaks on WKCR to Fondle ‘Em, one of the prototypes of the independent hip hop label model. From the success of Fat Beats and Sandboxautomatic, partially or even largely due to heavy promotion on the show, to Footworks, books, magazine columns, worldwide notoriety and so on and so on…
It all stemmed from this show.
Before we hit you with some of that homemade flan with the extra caramel, take some time to go back through some of our older Stretch and Bobbito related posts:
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And/or join the TROY forum to help us finish plotting out the show’s history and help with tape rips.
Okay, party people, when you’re done with all of that, what better way to start this month off than with an ill promo that’s been recently released in high quality? The following two joints were taken from the recently dropped “OC – Ozone Originals” from No Sleep Recordings.
OC – Stretch And Bobbito Promo [DJ Eclipse production] 1993
And here’s another banger:
OC – Outsiders [Buckwild production] 1993

Random VLS Drops: BDP – Love’s Gonna Get’cha

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010
Fresh vinyl rip at 320kbps

A1. Love’s Gonna Get’cha (Material Love)[Extended Hard Version]
A2. Love’s Gonna Get’cha (Material Love)[Extended Soft Version]
B1. Love’s Gonna Get’cha (Material Love)[7″ Radio Edit]
B2. The Kenny Parker Show
B3. Love’s Gonna Get’cha (Material Love)[Instrumental]

I believe I was in 8th grade or a freshman in high school when I first saw this video.
Love life, not material shit.
Knowledge dropped, jewel gained.

Peep the video in high quality:

Special Ed-Legal

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Special Ed-Legal (1990)

This was young Brooklyn-born Edward Archer’s second album and after the success of The Youngest In Charge (1989), Profile marketed him as some kind of rap heartthrob. Ignore the album cover and go straight to the music. Once again Ed hooked up with the great Hitman Howie Tee who laced Ed with hype tracks for him to get busy to.

Special Ed had one of the smoothest flows in Hip Hop history, check “Come On, Let’s Move It” where he goes to work over a loping Bobby Byrd track or the Salt and Pepa sampling “The Mission” which also sports the banging drums from Billy Squire’s “Big Beat.” Ed had skills and could tell great stories -on “The Mission” he rhymes “Picked up the phone, yo who the hell is this? / Somebody said this is serious business.”

Ed gets busy over the dope and sparse drums of “I’m Special Ed” and the early Gang Starr sampling “Ya Wish Ya Could,” which also flips the infamous Honeydrippers-”Impeach The President” drums and samples Johhny “Guitar” Watson, with Ed boldly stating that all he needs is “just a mic and a track”.

“Ready 2 Attack” samples Rado & Company’s “Where Do I Go” three years before Pete Rock used it for Run DMC’s “Down With The King” and hard hitting Kool and The Gang drums allow Ed to wreck the mic, alongside a Big Daddy Kane vocal sample used for the hook.

“I’m The Magnificent” gets the remix treatment and “Living Like A Star” has Ed attacking a dope beat,while the posse cut “5 Men & A Mic” has Ed sharing mic duties with his brother, his DJ, Aksun, and Little Shawn. Legal was a great follow up album and still sounds dope a good 18 years later.

1. Come On, Let’s Move It
2. The Mission
3. Ya Not So Hot
4. I’m The Magnificent (The Magnificent Remix)
5. I’m Special Ed
6. Ya Wish Ya Could
7. Ready 2 Attack
8. 5 Men And A Mic
9. Livin’ Like A Star
10.See It Ya
11-Come On, Let’s Move It (Remix) BONUS
12-The Mission (Remix) BONUS

Download Album Here

The Mission Video