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Bad Cop – No Gimmicks Rap Shit (7-10)

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

A couple of years ago Bad Cop blessed us with Parts 1 through 6 of this excellent, rarity laced mixtape. This time he once again doesn’t hold back on the goodies. (more…)

Sounds of The 90s: The Remixes V. 2

Monday, March 7th, 2011

As promised monthly, here is the latest of Sounds of The 90s: The Remixes Volume 2. Each month we’ll be bringing you 10 remixes of the 90s we hold near and dear to our hearts. Let’s reminisce on these tracks and remember why we’re still listening to hip-hop today. Why we’re still on blogs such as ours where we get to relive the greatest era our music has ever seen.  As always, if you have a favorite remix and would like it to be included on future volumes be sure to send it our way or post it up on our forum. Look for the return of Sounds Like The 90s tomorrow! –PhilaflavaDownload V. 2

Download V. 1

Is Philly the 2nd most important city to Hip-Hop?

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

I’m just speaking for me, not the blog but I also believe it’s a very legit question too. When you put it down on paper and realize all of the Philly legends, microphone masters, turntable technicians, classics hits and summer anthems it’s an argument worth making.

Obviously, NYC is number one but when you think about how Philly changed the game and continues to deliver the top talent what city/state takes its spot? L.A? Atlanta? Jersey? Houston? Detroit? Think about it…

Here are just some (not complete) of some Philly representatives.

Schoolly D
Steady B
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
DJ Cash Money
Three Times Dope
The Roots
Beanie Sigel
Jedi Mind Trick
Dice Raw
Peedi Crakk
Rosco P. Coldchain
Gillie Da Kid
Chief Kamachi
Reef The Lost Cauze
Maylay Sparks
Baby Blak
Young Chris
Truck North
Ram Squad
Mountain Brothers
Jamal (Illegal)
Dat Fat Cat Clique
The Kartel
Last Emperor
Da Youngsta’s
Munk Wit Da Funk
Grand Agent
Known Rulers
High & Mighty
Philly’s Most Wanted

So what do you think? Click here to vote

100X Posse – Rare & Unreleased (1992 – 1996)

Monday, July 27th, 2009

If you missed our in depth interview and the uploads we posted here last November, get re-acquainted by clicking here. This is a continuous mix CD, but you can skip through tracks and it isn’t offensive on the ears at all. It’s actually pretty well mixed by DJ Nickybutters (aka Bang Bang Poet 24/7). There are some straight underground Philly bangers on here and the ones labeled “Commercial” are actually dope little radio promos.

You can see all who appear on this on the track list below-

1. Intro (Sihn, Nickybutters)
2. Beyond The Door (Alternate Street Version) (Mal Blak, Lex Ruger, Mustafo)
3. Redeyez Remix (Mal Blak)
4. Commercial #1 (Mal Blak, Lex Ruger)
5. Whom Shall I Fear? (Original) (Bad Newz, Mal Blak)
6. 215 (Lamar Supreme, Mal Blak, Black Thought, Lex Ruger)
7. Death To The Radio (Lamar Supreme, Mustafo, Bad Newz)
8. War Against The Surface (Mal Blak, Mustafo)
9. Underground Walls (Lex Ruger)
10. Flowers In The Attic (Bad Newz)
11. Waterfall Of Fire (Lamar Supreme)
12. Commercial #2 (Black The Rippa, Mustafo)
13. Deadly Cemetery (Mustafo)
14. Philly Niggas International (Black Thought, Malik B, Mustafo, Bad Newz, Lex Ruger, Lamar Supreme)
15. New Day, New Flow (Lamar Supreme, G-Masica)
16. Pass The Buck (Mal Blak)
17. Commercial #3 (Mal Blak)
18. They Call Me Lex Ruger (Lex Ruger)
19. Mental Pandemonium (Mustafo,Lex Ruger)
20. Universal Soldier (Lamar Supreme)
21. The Pain (Lex Ruger, Mal Blak, Mustafo)
22. Beyond The Door (Radio Version) (Bad Newz, Lamar Supreme)
23. Acid Rain (Lamar Supreme)
24. Who Fucked Up The Pack Money? (Mustafo, Are Em, Lex Ruger)
25. Outro (Sihn, Mustafo)

Usually we would just give you the free download of something like this, but not this time, sorry. This is still available for purchase through online stores or from the label, click here. And these are guys that never got their due and deserve the measly 15 bucks for a dope CD like this.
But we will, of course, give you some ill previews-

Mal Blak, Mustafo – War Against The Surface

Lamar Supreme – Universal Soldier

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Double Down Vol. 2

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

A few ago I laced you with my first installment of Double Down, today I’m dropping volume 2. Each mix contains 11 tracks that I hope will be your soundtrack while you’re on the iron horse, driving to work or just chillin’ in the cut.


Double Down Vol. 2

01. Da King & I – Flip Da Script (DJ Premier Remix)
02. Shorty Long – Shorty Doing His Thang
03. Lord Finesse – Shorties Kaught Up In The System (Remix)
04. Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo – Straight Jacket (OG Mix)
05. 100x – Philly Niggas International feat. Black Thought & Malik B.
06. 100x – Live In 215 feat. Black Thought & Air Smooth
07. Leaders of The New School – International Zone Coaster (SD50’s Remix)
08. Big Daddy Kane – Lyrical Gynmastics
09. DJ Krush – Real feat. Tragedy Khadafi
10. Tragedy Khadafi – Crime Nationalist
11. King Tee – At Your Own Risk (Marley Marl Remix)


100x – The T.R.O.Y. Hollywood Stories

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

In typical Philaflava fashion somebody posts a request or a question and they usually get a quick response. In this case they got a response by the man who was behind the music in question–L.E. Square.

What you’re about to read is the most in depth look at 100x there’s ever been. The name may look familiar in the blogosphere. You may know them as the group Rasheed Wallace signed or as the group that’s 12″ singles fetch top dollar on eBAY, but today you’re going to know what 100x was all about.

Be sure you read the entire thing because at the end there are two exclusive tracks that has never been released until now. With L.E. Square’s permission we’re leaking it here first. That’s right, T.R.O.Y. is dominating the game. Lights out blogger nerds, we run things.

The 100x Timeline
by L.E. Square

Lee “L.E. Square” Johnson
Founding Member and Producer of
100X (10th & Oxford)

The group started out being known as the Untouchables. We have one wax release under that name on Solid Ground records. (12inch. Death Wish b/w MC Killin). The members then were “Magnificent Mar,” “Round Mound” and “Darryl C a.k.a. Dangerous Darryl.”

1989 – 90
Darryl C left the group as did Round Mound. The group reformed and Round Mound returned as “RM” and Mar changed his name to “Lamar Supreme” and the group changed its name to 100X picking up the neighborhood street moniker (100X – 10th & Oxford.) With help of my first manager Sidney Cliett I got my first MPC 60. We added members BadNews, Mal Blak, Lex Ruger and Mustafo. I recorded tons of 100X material in my parents basement on 13th and Oxford.

1992 – 99
My basement studio became one of the hottest go to spots in Philadelphia. I have worked with tons of artists who I will name later. We did various shows in the Tri-State area, mainly Philly.
We did shows with Ice Cube, Onyx, KRS One, Naughty BY Nature, Nice n Smooth, Poor Righteous Teachers, Tim Dog, Ultramagnectic MC’s, Wu-Tang Clan, Keith Murray, Notorious B.I.G., Craig Mack and Redman. We bombed every “Rap Underground North” and Club Dances. The Trocederou was one of our favorite spots to perfom as was Rhythms @ 2121 Arch St. The sound engineer from that club was Tony Pleas and we became great friends and he introduced me to “Greg Osby” who recorded for Capitol Records.

From that situation was born 3-D Lifestyles. I produced 6 records on that album and my brother “RM” did 2. One of my best friends at that time (PUD, may he rest in peace) introduced me to Blair Thomas. Blair and I formed a partnership and the small studio that I built in my
parents home became a bigger one. The garage became the booth and the music machine really started pumping hard. “RM” (who is my younger brother) started producing as well as Lamar Supreme. I created X-Calibre Records and Manhole Productions and X-Calibre Studios. We got a building and built a 2 room facility after spending a lot of money at Silicon Chip mixing and laying tracks for the single which became “Beyond The Door.” We continued to produce lots of material and the next single to come was “Fast Loot Tactics.” We also shot a video for this song. I did a remix and we took both songs to radio. The remix started getting a lot of spins. At that time I began to produce other groups outside of 100X. Tommy Hill of Ram Squad, Major Figgas, Jaguar Wright and I also did Gillie’s first hit single “Love for Gillie.” I was the first to produce Ab-Liva (Major Figgas & The Clipse). In addition I also worked with Suave House Records and did Gillie’s “Something to Bounce 2.” At that time our relationship with Blair was ending and again thru my best friend PUD I met the next person who became involved in the 100X movement, Rasheed Wallace.

We had two releases pressed duting our time with Rasheed which was the EP called “Plugged In” and another 12 in that had “Thug Bowl” on it. Rasheed wanted to start a label. I came up with “Urban Life Records” and “Direct Hit Studios,” which was a million dollar plus facility. (The
1st Euphonix System 5 facility in the area).

2001 – present.
After leaving Rasheed in 2001, I started BME ( Big Moves Entertainment) and put out an EP and Video on “RM” who added “Willie Hutch” as one of his names. We shot an EPK and also did a video. My next project was a studio at 4th and South called “The Heat”(1 of the 1st HD3 rooms in the city). We moved the studio to another building in that same area and the studio changed
its name to the “4th Quarter”. Not seeing eye to eye. I left that situation and went out on the west coast with Waynes World Entertainment to work some acts from “Aftermath Records.”After meeting Dr. Dre and working with a few of his artists (which he dropped by the way) and recording another “RM” album I came back to Philly and started working on my own projects. I went to Va. Beach and signed with Teddy Riley and kinda layed low after that. I’m glad to say I’m back at it with a new artist that has a deal with Koch Records. His name is C-Luk (see look).

Artists I have worked with.

RM a.k.a. Willie Hutch
Do It All (Lords of the Underground)
Major Figgas
Dutch & Spade
Philly’s Most Wanted
Nina Ross
Quarta Ki
Peedi Crack
Greg Osby
Shaunta (Timbos artist that’s went to Aftermath)
Sounds of Rage
Sons of Rage
Divine Beings
Tommy Hill
Rasheed Wallace
Jermaine O’Neal
J.R. Rider
Chris Webber
Tramp n Haze
Ari Forman (Designer of Beyond the Door cover)
Lui Blonco
Ms. Jade
Jaguar Wright
D.O.D. The Situation
E a.k.a. 24-7
Gobe Raw
Rowdy Black Giants
Brother From The Darkside
The Roots
Kenny Lee (Late brother of Philly’s “Cosmic Kev”)
Teddy Riley
Joe Street (Original member of BlackStreet)
Roscoe P.
Conway (artist out of Vegas signed to Motown)
Red Cafe
Ali Vegas
The Shynin
Stretch Armstrong
D.J. Clark Kent
The Columbians (J. O’Neals group)
Porno (The Roots)
Curly Tops
Rico Slaughter
The Youngstas aka Da Youngsta Illy Funkstaz
Chopper (Making the Band)
Da Bum Rush & E.Ness (he came from Da Bum Rush)

I wanna shout a few of my fellow producers

Don Groove
D.J. Miz
BadNewz (100X)
Brian, Tim & Jay (Shynin)
Koshah (Trendsettas)
Supreme (Dispatcher Music)
Pharrell Williams (my cousin)
P-Nut 20-20
Poison Ladd S.L.R.
Beats In General
Muhammad a.k.a. M Ladin

And some very important people.
My Mom, Ms. Dee and my Dad Mr. J.; they supported and support me still!
RM and my wife “Fatty,” Sidney Cliett, Laronn “LA” Reid, Valdimir “PUD” Gibson, Blair Thomas, Barry Jones, Tony Pleas, Greg Osby, Pharrell Williams, Rasheed Wallace, Wizzard, Thomas “Money”Jones and Rell(Broski).

Click image to download


P.H.I. Wannna Know (prod. D-Moet)*
Twice As Nice (prod. L.E. Square)
Bounce (prod. L.E. Square)

*Producer of Nas’ Hate Me Now

Random 100x joints

Thug Bowl (prod. L.E Square)*
Time To Play (prod. Self)
Fugivtive (prod. L.E. Square)**
*The sample comes from John Madden ’96 on Sega Genesis.
**The sampled horns are from the movie The Fugitive.

Beyond The Door EP

Fast Loot Tatics EP (pw: philaflava)


For the first time ever we proudly present to you two exclusive 100x tracks for your listening pleasure.

1. Philly Niggas International feat. Black Thought a.k.a. Bad Lieutenant, Malik B, Mustafo, BadNewz, Lex Ruger, and Lamar Supreme

2. Live In 215 feat. Lamar Supreme, Mal Black, Black Thought, Lex Ruger, Air Smooth (Devine Beings) & BadNewz

If you want to reach out to L.E. Square check him out on Myspace, the T.R.O.Y. forums or artists can contact him directly at