Poker Songs to Perk your Poker Games

Poker Songs to Perk your Poker Games

Poker playing is going places, as hip-hop poker is now a hot item on the casino playing. Poker game is an exciting game and when spiced with hot hip-hop songs, it’s the coolest game to play. To start the rhythm going, here is playlist of the best poker hip-hop songs ever.

1. Dr. Hope Poker Rap
A good hip-hop to kick off your playlist is Dr. Hope Poker Rap. To give you some info, Dr. Hope is Tim Anders, a once World Poker Tour finalist and when he’s not rapping out, he’s playing pro poker. This poker rap song is funny but wait it’s all about poker and while you are enjoying the hip-hop beat, you get at the same time poker tips and strategies. With that, it deserves to be the starter on every poker playlist.

2. Money by Michael Jackson
Listen to the song and feel the rhythm of a poker game getting hotter and hotter.

3. This Is Why I Am hot by MIMS
Get into the heat of your poker game and tell everybody what makes you hot with your poker games.

4. Poker Rap by Tintedlincoln
This is what it’s telling everybody that makes this Poker rap song worth of getting on hip-hop poker playlist.

5. Trapped by 2Pac-
Why is it that every player feels like he’s trapped in his mobile poker game? Let the song tell you.

6. Bed Spring Poker by PreWarMusic
It tells what poker player keeps him playing with his last dollar. Get into the beat and listen to this poker rap song while browsing http://www.adrenaline-poker.com/ and find a site to play poker.

7. Gettin’ It by Too $hort
A cool hip-hop song to listen when getting ready for your poker game.

8. Waking Up in Vegas – Katy Perry
It’s another nice and smooth vocal from Katy Perry that insinuates about lots of perks to get ready for another round of poker.

9. Poker Song by Side C
This song is a lift from their album Curriculum Vitae. Enjoy the song while on a poker break and be energized to rethink some of your strategies.
Poker is a full-blown energy game so if you need to stop and unwind, listening to hip-hop poker songs will get you tuned up quickly.

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