DJ Premier + Pete Rock + Q-Tip + Alchemist

For the past month we’ve been putting in work gathering tracks from all 4 artists. Work of Mart contains 162 tracks, while The Alchemist Files contains 161, totaling over 9+ hours of music for both producers. We also think you’ll enjoy our Definitive Q-Tip,  featuring his greatest features and production. Of course, we can’t forget about Soul Brother #1,  Pete Rock, as we deliver over 5+ hours of his greatest work as well. As usual, we take all that in made available on Spotify and package them up for you to enjoy.

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2 Responses to “DJ Premier + Pete Rock + Q-Tip + Alchemist”

  1. Trausti says:

    Nice one mate. Much appreciated. Seriously though, I just spent last few days creating the Ultimate DJ Premier list and now I find this. Heheh..could have saved me a lot of time if I only knew.. 😉
    Would like to see more of these Playlists. Make one with Buckwild, Diamond D, RZA and some others (Easy Mo Bee, Havoc, L.E.S.). Anyways..thumbs up and a virtual high-five!

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks. We gots tons of playlist you may like. Just follow us on Spotify, but a RZA, Diamond and Buckwild sounds like a plan. We’ll get it started soon.

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