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If you haven’t been following, our lil’ brother blog OpinionatedJay has been running weekly feature called Tuesdays with. This past week J-Zone was the guest and he talks just about everything, so don’t sleep. And don’t forget to stayed tuned for more interviews dropping every Tuesdays on OpinionatedJay.com.

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You took a little break from music. Was there ever a point where you felt like fuck this shit, I’m just going to do something completely different with my life?

Definitely. Early 2009 I just didn’t have it anymore and I got into a slump. It never really went way after that. My studio got messed up in a flood that summer and I boxed up all my equipment and put it away for about a year and a half because I got to the point where I actually hated the thought of making music, which had never happened to me before. From late 2008 through spring of 2011 I was focused on trying to get established in the traditional job world and quit doing music. I had no plans of returning to music, despite artist retirement being notoriously bullshit.

Nine years later you’re finally releasing a new solo Peter Pan Syndrome, what can folks expect to hear on this album that they wouldn’t find on any of the previous ones?

It’s more honest than the previous ones and even though it’s pretty silly, profane and low-brow like the rest of my stuff, there’s an undertone of seriousness and vulnerability that wasn’t there before. I’m older and am dealing with different life shit. I use the humor to make it digestible and entertaining, but there’s a lot of self-realization that I never approached as an artist before.

The last album your bought, you wish you hadn’t?

I liked everything I bought, but I borrowed Watch the Throne from my local library on a recommendation from a friend and that was a bit of a mistake.

You’re a villain, so I’m going to list some other villains and I want you to rank them in order of greatness. Darth Vader, MC Ren, Mama Fratelli, Biff Tannen, Buffalo Billl, Ivan Drago and Doctor Doom.

MC Ren, Mama Fratelli, Darth Vader, Doctor Doom, Biff Tannen, Buffalo Bill and Ivana Drago.

causes problems in other areas of my life like relationships. I’ll probably never be able to start a family or retire.

You’ve had a few jobs during your hiatus, which was the worst of them?

Actually none of the jobs were terrible, it’s more that the pay was so low and there was no room to advance. But the data entry job at the school was tedious. Id leave the school with my eyes burning and headaches. It paid like $50 per 8 hour day after taxes and gas money. I had to quit to finish my book because there was no way I could hold 2 other side jobs and still write a book. My body didn’t allow it. Lame as it sounds, I give a ton of credit to people who can pursue arts careers full steam and still work a full time day job. People do it all the time but I can only go 100% one way or the other. I tried. I Just can’t do that 50/50 shit. If I gotta get a full time job it’s a wrap for the J-Zone shit. If I do the J-Zone shit, it’s gotta be full steam. I never could do both and still be adequate at either one.

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