Work of Mart (DJ Premier)

If you’ve been following us and we hope you are,  just last week we created our new Spotify playlist titled Work of Mart.

Currently 166 tracks deep and adding daily, or whatever becomes available via Spotify. Our mixes don’t have restrictions on them. What you see is what you’ll hear, meaning no tracks uploaded on our end and limited to just our PC’s. We’ve spent some time sequencing the list, though shuffle is always the safe way to go.

If you’re a Spotify member, follow us because we have a slew of other great playlists you may be interested in.

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3 Responses to “Work of Mart (DJ Premier)”

  1. m-select says:

    fyi “represent the real hip-hop” was produced by showbiz & the scratches are by dj dice

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  2. Jason says:

    You’re absolutely right. Thanks.

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