New Battle Rap Forum @ Philaflava.com

T.R.O.Y. denizens,

You are all warmly invited to visit the new CHECK THE RHIME forum.

Some of you may not realize it, but there is currently a flourishing global battle rap league culture that has sprouted out of the very long tradition of hip hop rivalry and competition.

At this point in time, these are mostly written, a capella, timed battles. Some of the events have become quite popular and take place in 1000+ capacity venues, while others are still smaller more intimate affairs (nh). Now, there are some purists who insist that battles must be “off the dome,” that they must be performed over beats or beatboxing, that they must be connected to actual beef, etc. to be legitimate. Without disparaging those opinions, the culture has evolved a different way, and I will point out the there have been a capella (think the basketball court scene from Wild Style) and written battles (think Lord Finesse vs Percee P) as well as prearranged tournaments (think the New Music Seminar MC Battles for World Supremacy) for as long as rappers have been clashing.

In any event, please visit the forum, check out the rules, explore and figure things out. If you need some extra bait, there are two stickied threads that T.R.O.Y. folks in particular will gravitate towards: Historic Live Rap Battles and Historic Rap Beef: Rivalries and Disses On Wax. I think many of you will have plenty to enjoy and contribute in those threads.

Lastly, if you are just so skeptical and steadfast in your ways, I suggest you check out the following square-off from last year between two of the battle culture’s most promising rappers, Pass and Remyd. I will be very surprised if the vast majority of TROY folks don’t agree that the lyrics, flows, and showmanship on display in this video are indicative of sincere devotion to craft and hip hop in general. Check it out, it’s not too long: