Get Your Game On with Hip Hop Bingo

Mixing hip hop and bingo to liven up the night

Over the years, bingo has gained so much popularity that even celebrities are playing the game for charity. Actors like Russell Crowe (who used to be a bingo hall caller) and musicians like Bono (U2’s front man), have admitted to playing the game for their favorite charities. Since its invention in 1929, the game has attracted different games. From Facebook to horse racing bingo, the game has definitely influenced fashion, art, food, and even music. Recently, another variation of bingo has emerged—hip hop bingo.

Basically, playing hip hop bingo isn’t that different from the games you’ll find on CheekyBingo. On each bingo card, you’ll find 25 squares arranged in five horizontal rows, vertical columns, and one space marked “Free” in the middle. Numbers are placed on each space in the grid, which you’ll need to mark off once the DJ calls them. The only variation to this game is that you’ll have to yell “Hip Hop!” instead of “Bingo!” when you’ve formed a prescribed pattern. Then, you’re required to run up the stage and dance to the beats with the other winners. To make things more fun and unique, organizers usually include odd prizes like broomsticks wrapped in leopard print, a bronze frog statue, or a chewing gum necklace.

Aside from the regular hip hop bingo, some organizers would turn up the ante to challenge the participants. Calling it “Speed Bingo”, the caller or DJ would call out the numbers really quickly, and players must pay attention to win. Due to its speed and quick pace, players may accidentally shout “Bingo!” instead of “Hip Hop”, which renders their win invalid. Again, the DJ calls the winners to the stage to dance to the music, like M.C Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” for example. However, there’s a twist: players who fail to follow the music will be eliminated and the last one standing will be declared the winner. Usually, a round of drinks for the winner’s friends or gift certificates (bar tabs).


Nowadays, bingo isn’t confined inside the four walls of your typical hall; you can play it anywhere with your friends. Mix it up with your favorite hip hop beats; it’s definitely going to be a fun activity on your next party.

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