3rd Bass Reunion Show

There are so many emotions going on while watching this video. Shock, disgust and just utter disbelief come to mind. I may have thrown up a bit in my mouth too.

Age isn’t immune to any of us, but Serch is damn near 46 and trying to act like a 26 year old here. And what is up with Pete Nice using an umbrella instead of a cane? There was a point where Pete Nice was this dapper suave muthafucker. Damn he was the cool one. He was swagger before we even knew of the word. I haven’t feel this nauseous since attempting to watch TNA wrestling a few years to only find all the wrestlers I grew up watching trying to stay relevant well into their 50’s.

Not everyone can be the Stones. –Philaflava

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4 Responses to “3rd Bass Reunion Show”

  1. Hamza 21 says:

    Looks like standard reunion show to me. The umbrella was odd but otherwise I don’t see a problem with performance other than the audio levels were off. I don’t understand how soundman didn’t raise the volume of the music or lower volume on the mics to better blend with the music.

  2. dochiphop says:

    Nothing looks out of line to me either. That umbrella is kinda odd but whatever to that.

  3. Boothe says:

    As much as we would all like to hold on to our memories of the group in the 90s (and we still can), I think it’s a little unfair or unrealistic to expect them re-appear as they did 20 years ago.

    Aging is for real, which is an incredibly silly thing to say, but some people don’t take care of themselves as well as others, and with that in mind, I’m not shocked with the reality of Pete Nice not fitting into a suit he had 20 years ago. I’m also not going to take issue of his usage of props.

    Serch dancing…that’s what he does. He’s just having fun, which seems to be the main motivation behind these shows. Just get up on the stage and rock like they used to.

  4. Danny Black says:

    Hey Serch – shut the fuck up when Pete is rapping so I can hear his voice.

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