Hidden Treasure: ROSEWOOD THIEVZ


The homeboy, the Aspiring Me put me on to this little gem. The ROSEWOOD THIEVZ are out that Third Ward Houston, Texas.  These dudes have that pre-Houston golden era sound, but not by force, strictly by default as a result of all the fun they had recording this album. Here, there are no songs oversaturated with H-Town terminology or tainted with a distracting entrepreneurial spirit, just that pure and steady swang wide sound, which is a product of leisure, creativity, and their immediate environment.  You will miss out if you don’t give ENTER THE TERRORDOME a listen. Enjoy.  –Droopy (@droopydood)

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4 Responses to “Hidden Treasure: ROSEWOOD THIEVZ”

  1. these dudes go fucking hard!!!! really tight to see them getting love on here!

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  2. The Streetz says:

    This is pretty sick. So original!

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  3. Langston says:

    What the fuck. This shit is brilliant!

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