Touring The States: New Orleans, LA

What do we have here is a ’96 cassette single from one time No Limit member Mac and a lady, Storm. Both of the tracks are really smooth and both of them were produced, as credited on the cover, by Mac, Storm & DJ Wop.
Mac is currently serving 30-year prison term.


Mad Or Jealous

01. Mad Or Jealous (Street Mix)
02. Mad Or Jealous (Radio Edit)
03. So Fly Feat. Kone

—>Download Mac & Storm<—



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2 Responses to “Touring The States: New Orleans, LA”

  1. Was searchin’ for this one… thanx 4 the share!

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  2. JAY FAANDE says:

    Just want to give a shout to my man Mac. We miss you. Hold ya head and will get at you when you get home… classic tape too…

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