The Whooliganz – Make Way For The W (Snippets)

In anticipation of The Wholiganz shelved debut album, (which was supposed to come out on Tommy Boy back in 1993), to appear, we would like to present you a recently surfaced album snippets in a hope that full album will see the light of day.
Thanks to the philaflava TROY forum members mister_mo, Mad Human and all other people who got involved in sharing this.
Embed playlist is consisted of two files, side a & side b.


A1) It’s The Whoolies
A2) Get A Grip
A3) Time Goes On
A4) Put Your Handz Up (Prod. by DJ Lethal)
A5) Hit The Deck (Prod. by Baka Boyz)
A6) Back Off Me Yo
A7) Crackin Da Cranium

B1) Keep On (Prod. by T-Ray)
B2) Don’t Mean Nothing (Prod. by DJ Lethal)
B3) I Get Mine (Prod. by T-Ray)
B4) On The Reel (Prod. by Baka Boyz)
B5) Fat One (Prod. by Baka Boyz)
B6) Whooliganz (Prod. by Baka Boyz)


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8 Responses to “The Whooliganz – Make Way For The W (Snippets)”

  1. Jaz says:

    I must have missed that thread haha…here are some remixes

    The Whooliganz – Put Your Handz Up (QDIII Remix)

    The Whooliganz – The Whooliganz (Mikey P Remix)

  2. Christian Abrahamson says:

    I saw the whooliganz open for cypress, house of pain and funkdoobiest during the soul assassins tour in the early 90s. Always wondered what happened to the album.

  3. for 21 years we waiting for this album to release and everybody thinks that this album didn’t exist. but it did. we need this. the snippets were tight.

  4. Snoski Rock says:

    I remeber driving up to Frisco from LA to deliver promotional items for the Soul Assasins Tour and Wholigans. That was when 2mex was working for Immortal Records. Rakka from Dialated Peoples ( @ that time the group was the Flatliners) was with us and we has a blast. I had these full songs on tape and I had the Flatliners promo…Damn!!! It drives me crazy I lost this stuff!!!

    Thank you so much for the post!!!

  5. Spotter says:

    Can get me link for free download The Whooliganz ‎– Proposed Album?

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