Hiero Producer Series: Casual (Re-Upped)

We’ll be reupping a few of our pieces in the next few days. We start with this classic we did 4 years ago.

Installment #5 of the Hiero Producer Series: Casual

Who doesn’t have talent behind the boards in the Hieroglyphics crew? I haven’t even gotten to Jay-Biz or Toure as of yet, and we’re already on installment #5.

The man behind the beat for “Catch A Bad One” is…..Casual??? When I first found out that he produced the lead single off of the “No Need For Alarm” LP, it absolutely blew my mind. If you think about it, “Catch A Bad One” is probably Del’s most well-known track outside of “Mistadobalina”, and the production is most definitely a major reason as to why that track is so popular amongst hip hop fans. The truly remarkable thing is that Cas was born in ’77 or thereabouts, so he was only in his mid-teens when he produced all of the tracks that you’ll find on volume 1, including the aforementioned “Catch A Bad One”, which was released in ’93.

Aside from his contributions on the officially-released Hiero albums, he also produced quite a few bangers of the non-album variety. The remix for “That’s How It Is” is fucking incredible, and it’s easily my favorite Casual beat. I’m also a big fan of his work on the “Wrongplace” remix, as well as the demos for “Gotta Lotta”, “Can U Feel It”, “Hydra”, etc.

Casual – Production Files Volume 1
1. Pep Love, Casual & Jay-Biz – It Gets No Better
2. Pep Love & Jay-Biz – The Orgy
3. Casual – Gotta Lotta
4. Casual – Can U Feel It
5. Casual – Where They At
6. Souls Of Mischief – Break A Leg
7. Del – Catch A Bad One
8. Del – Worldwide
9. Del -Wrongplace (Remix)
10. Souls Of Mischief – Batting Practice
11. Souls Of Mischief – Tell Me Who Profits
12. Casual – You Flunked
13. Casual – Get Off It
14. Casual – I Didn’t Mean To
15. Casual & Del – A Little Something
16. Casual – Chained Minds
17. Casual – That’s How It Is (Remix)
18. Casual – I Didn’t Mean To (Remix)
19. Extra Prolific – The Fat Outro
Re-upped 03/31/13

Casual – Production Files Volume 2
1. Souls Of Mischief – Chaos And Turmoil
2. Souls Of Mischief – Where The Fuck You At
3. Casual – Hundreds Of Rhymes
4. Casual – We Made You Guys
5. Casual – Years Ago
6. Casual – Gas Ignited
7. Casual – The Best At It
8. Casual – It Don’t Matter
9. Casual, Pep Love & Opio – Basement Freestyle
10. Casual – This Is For My Niggas
11. Casual – Dumb Shit
12. Casual – 900 RPM
13. Casual, Tajai & Opio – I Feel Like Bustin’
14. Casual – Freestyle
15. Casual – The Ending
16. Souls Of Mischief & Casual – Big Shit
17. Casual & Pep Love – The Last One
18. Casual & Opio – Dune Methane
19. Hieroglyphics – Heat
20. Hieroglyphics – Hydra
21. Hieroglyphics – Bubble Up
22. Casual – The Scandle
Re-upped 03/31/13

Casual – Production Files Volume 3
1. Del & Casual – Jaw Gymnastics
2. Pep Love – If You Can’t Beat ‘Em
3. Pep Love – Fallen
4. Pep Love – The Birds And The Bees
5. Pep Love – Fight Club (Remix)
6. Del – Catch A Bad One (Instrumental)
7. Del -Worldwide (Instrumental)
8. Souls Of Mischief – Batting Practice (Instrumental)
9. Souls Of Mischief – Tell Me Who Profits (Instrumental)
10. Casual – I Didn’t Mean To (Instrumental)
11. Casual – I Didn’t Mean To Remix (Instrumental)
12. Hieroglyphics – The Last One (Instrumental)
13. Hieroglyphics – Heat (Instrumental)
Re-upped 03/31/13


Casual – Gotta Lotta

Casual – Can U Feel It

Del – Catch A Bad One

Del – Worldwide

Del -Wrongplace (Remix)

Casual & Del – A Little Something

Casual – That’s How It Is (Remix)

Casual & Opio – Dune Methane

Hieroglyphics – Hydra

Del & Casual – Jaw Gymnastics

–Roy Johnson

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7 Responses to “Hiero Producer Series: Casual (Re-Upped)”

  1. BHM says:

    Y'all are killing it with this Heiro Production Series!!! Great idea and even better to see who provided the audio heat behind some of these bangers. I remember thinking during that time that these guys were on some West Coast D.I.T.C. type ish being ill on the mic and the boards with a real hip hop type mentality. Much thanks for this entire series!!!


  2. gordon gartrelle says:

    Cosign BHM.

    I'd forgotten how many ridiculous beats they made.

    Keep it up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mad props!

  4. Gabriel says:

    very very well done Casual

  5. verge says:

    re-upped FRESH

  6. Chris says:

    Thanks for this!!! Many blessings to you. God Bless

  7. Loo Ganida says:

    DOPE! hey anyone out there have this track?
    Casual – Me O Mi O (it’s a me thang)

    Been looking for way too long!

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