Touring The States: East Palo Alto, CA

I always enjoyed listening to albums that came out from East Palo Alto. The city has spawned so many good artists and groups such as Sean T, Chunk, Totally Insane, Mac & A.K.Rated X,  to name a few, but Parts Unknown with their release Time For Turmoil has to be my favorite EPA release.

Parts Unknown are Kilo G, C-Dub and Code “Z”.

Album immediately starts hard with the track “911 Funk” which is actually a diss towards another EPA group “Rated X” (members Cap’N Crunch later known as C-Funk, Cool Breeze and DJ Ajax).

There are 2 guest appearances on the album:
– track #4 featuring Young Mack and K-9 who were actually a group called S.I.C. (Sic Insane Criminals),
– track #9 featuring Sean T and Top Dog. They were both in group called M.O.G. (Murder One Gangstas) together with another member named Caous (Kaos).



01. 911 Funk
02. NuTack Remix
03. Unknowns Wet Dream
04. Aud. 1 – Another Day In EPA
05. EPA City
06. Time For Turmoil
07. Smoove
08. Shit Talking Blues
09. Aud. 2 – Trade Mark
10. Radio Version Of The Underground

Download Parts Unknown – Time For Turmoil


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