Rappin’ Ron & Ant Diddley Dog – Bad N-Fluenz (1996)

I can write a bunch of shit about why you need to listen to this album, or you can just be smart about it and do it. The Dangerous Crew were slept on, and this album is living proof. Rappin’ Ron was the west coast version of Big L. The man was beyond dope and it’s unfortunate that most people never realized this until his untimely death. Peace to ’94 Hip Hop Blogspot for the link. Download this now! –Philaflava

Rappin’ Ron & Ant Diddley Dog – Bad N-Fluenz (1996)
01. Intro
02. All Rapped Up
03. How The Gangsters Do It
04. The Bomb (feat. Ant Banks)
05. Buster Free
06. Ruff Like Pavement
07. P.H. Balance
08. You Ain’t Heard Shit Yet
09. Dirty Work (feat. Too Short, Seagram & Mr. Ill)
10. Maniac Mind ft Mr Ill
11. Smoke Season
12. I’m A Bad N-Fluenz
13. Torcher Chamber (feat. Street Thugs)
14. Pulls Out My Flamer
15. Summertime
16. Private Cries


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2 Responses to “Rappin’ Ron & Ant Diddley Dog – Bad N-Fluenz (1996)”

  1. Thee says:

    I give you the ultimate props for posting this fam! Ron was a friend of the family and was a pure beast when it came to rappin. I can’t thank you enough for showing Bad-N-Fluenz the love and respect they deserve!

  2. yizdaprophet says:

    Rappin Ron was the west coast Big L indeed. All these new “gassin” rap cats are trash. I miss my city and how it used to be we lost a lot of real dudes in 96 .the town and the bay havent recovered since.

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