Dropped Same Day: KRS-One / Souls of Mischief / Spice 1

Continuing with the ongoing saga, we have a Jive Records triple threat. Two of ’em are well regarded, often called classics and one other that often gets overlooked, charted high, had a track featured in Menace II Society and was labeled by Tupac “…hardest album ever recorded”.

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Tuesday, September 28th, 1993.

Three LPs: KRS-One‘s solo debut, on Vibe, Souls of Mischief‘s first, off BMG / Vibe and Spice 1‘s sophomore, via Jive.

Pick your favorite and / or the best album, doesn’t matter.

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And feel free to state your case, leave corrections or post additional match ups you would like to see in the comments below.

— The Big Sleep

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2 Responses to “Dropped Same Day: KRS-One / Souls of Mischief / Spice 1”

  1. Slightly more votes here than on the forums now. Once again it’s a little closer there, with KRS still winning by a single vote, making it forty three percent to forty two (with Spice 1 taking the remaining fifteen).

    Interesting how both the blog and the boards had Souls jumping out in the lead early on though.

  2. This one’s been tied or within one vote back and forth for the last few days now, it’s been interesting to watch.

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