Big Daddy Kane vs Ultramagnetic MC’s – Unreleased EP

It’s a bootleg, but a perfectly acceptable bootleg to most of us since it’s the only way we’ll ever own these songs or even be able to listen to them in full. Some of you may remember a while ago on ebay this never seen before Ultramagnetic acetate sold for over $3000 and all of us, psychotic vinyl crack addicts and regular golden era rap heads too,  died a little bit when we realized we’d probably never hear that full song that was obviously intended for play on the now defunct KISS FM radio.

original ultramagnetic simple metaphore acetate


original metaphore acetate crusty label

Well, some very caring and resourceful cats were able to manage to get the sound files probably directly from that acetate, added on the track from the other Ultramag acetate from recent ebay insanity, and pressed them up on to 100 pieces of vinyl, which still keeps it fairly rare. Then they went and took a couple of shelved Big Daddy joints that been around the inter airwaves for a while and added them to make this is a nice 4 track EP. Whom these curators of  grail status golden biscuits are, i have no idea, but i’d like to thank them all the same. Also big ups to bignormy at the T.R.O.Y. forum for sharing a nice crispy vinyl rip for those who weren’t lucky enough to get one of the only 100 copies in existence. Thank you sir.

DL the full EP here.

Read a more in depth track by track breakdown of this record here at Werner’s.




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