The Next T.R.O.Y. Challenge

Who’s ready? We’ve done 11 so far and all of them have been great to watch unfold. #12 is still undefined but there is a discussion thread and ideas are flying. If you’re down, get involved and share your thoughts. Submissions will be posted right here on T.R.O.Y. –Philaflava

Past challenges

1. Challenge #1 (1990-1995)
2. The 6 Degrees of Bad Boy Challenge
3. New Jeruz Challenge
4. 1994 Challenge
5. Best Album Cut Challenge (pre-97)
6. Sample Source Challenge
7. 1998-2002 Indie Era Challenge
8. 1995 Challenge
9. Posse Cut Challenge
10. 6 Degrees of Death Row Challenge
11. Instrumental Challenge

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