The T.R.O.Y. Blog Update Feb ’13

It’s been long overdue and for that I apologize for that. Many of you have asked what’s going on with the blog? Where are the daily posts? Where is Thun? Is Verge putting together more sample compilations? What happened to Sounds Like The 90s?

At one point we were considered the best throwback blog on the internet and for years we held easily defended that title. However; nothing lasts forever and by no means is this a goodbye.

The T.R.O.Y. is not going anywhere. In fact, in this year we will be more active than we were last year. Sounds Like The 90s will return from its hiatus. We will have more compilations, more competitions and more content!

We’re also looking to contributors for the site as well as our forum. Everyday we receive your requests for re-ups and while we won’t be able to fulfill them all, I urge you to become a member of the T.R.O.Y. forum.

Our forum is still the best of its kind. There is nothing on the internet quite like it. We can assure you faster results and a wealth of information you won’t even be able to store. It is literally the Golden Era utopia for our beloved hip-hop. Thanks for the continued support. We’re back ya’ll!

Register here.

*If your renewal is pending for more than a few days, simply send us a note and we’ll take care of it.

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4 Responses to “The T.R.O.Y. Blog Update Feb ’13”

  1. Maybe you could help me out? None of the links for the Southern Series compilation download links work anymore. Could you please help out? I really loved the entire series and I recently got a new computer so I lost all of it. Thanks in advance.

  2. I also tried to email you, your email seems to not be working.

  3. King Deep says:

    I really look forward to all of the posts on this blog and the forum. Without the dedication of bloggers like yourselves and the members of the forum hip hop would slowly die out…I try to get as many people to contribute to your site and spread the word. I commend you all on your dedication to the craft and keeping it alive. From one hip hop head to all others on this site….I salute you and look forward to your future contributions.


  4. Thun says:

    Thanks for all the support and kind words over the years!

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