The Real Story Behind Saafir In A Wheelchair

Props to Davey D for bringing this to life. Many of us have often wondered what’s been going on with Saafir and now we finally get our answer. Shouts to Shock for being a real friend and we at TROY hope Saafir bounces back and continues to make music. Being in a wheelchair is unfortunate, but if the passion is still there and the need to make a living, well creating music is a viable option. Want inspiration? Simply look at the homie MF Grimm. Get well Saafir.


Read full interview here.

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One Response to “The Real Story Behind Saafir In A Wheelchair”

  1. verge says:

    i wish Saafir all the best, don’t stop gettin up and out of bed every day, is the best i could say. Shock G, i know your kind, you’re one of the good people of the world. I hope something unexpectedly good happens.

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