Touring The States: Las Vegas, NV

Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta and Vegas music.
Pipe Bomb, Act-A-Nut, Mack Vill’n and Foolish P. form this group. This was their debut release and besides that, they have one more album on their count, but that album dropped 6 years after the debut in 2002.
You think everything is shiny, bright and marvelous in The City Of Lights? If so, then this album right here is perfect material for you. This will open your eyes about what was happening in Las Vegas besides gambling, fun, partying, and women. You will see a darker side of those “lights.” We encourage you to listen the samples first, to see if this isn’t too big of a bite for you. After listening this album you may never look at “Sin City” the same way ever again.

Murderous Klick
Maddness N Evil Ways (1996)

01. Intro
02. Murderous Klick
03. War Zone
04. Itchin Trigga Finga
05. Why Is There Murder?
06. Death Follows Me
07. 4.2.0. On A Po-Po
08. Maddness-N-Evil Ways
09. Last Struggle B-4 Death (Raw ’96)
10. Last Struggle B-4 Death (Radio ’96)
11. Outro


I would like to thank to Skibble, who ripped this in the highest quality with scans of the inset


— Markshot

Vegas Music

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