The Pharcyde “J-Sw!ft Re-Licks by vaporized”

Another T.R.O.Y. exclusive by the blend king, vaporized. This time vapo took Pharcyde accapellas and laid them over different J-Sw!ft beats. I know that this project was a little harder to complete than some of his others, he gave up several times and nearly scrapped it. I’m glad he didn’t.

The Pharcyde “J-Sw!ft Re-Licks by vaporized”
01 Pharcyde Is Coming (Intro)
02 Soulflower (J-Sw!ft ‘Things I Hate’ Blend)
03 Runnin’ (J-Sw!ft ‘Can’t Live With It’ Blend)
04 Ya Mama (J-Sw!ft ‘What We Have Here’ Blend)
05 Trust (J-Sw!ft ‘ADIDAS’ Blend)
06 It Ain’t Nothin’ Like (J-Sw!ft ‘Womens Lib’ Blend)
07 Otha Fish (J-Sw!ft ‘It Gets No Reala’ Blend)
08 Get Down (J-Sw!ft ‘Clown With My Crew’ Blend)
09 Passin’ Me By (J-Sw!ft ‘Takin Hoes’ Blend)
10 4 Better Or 4 Worse (J-Sw!ft ‘I Know You Want It’ Blend)
11 Let It Go (J-Sw!ft ‘Can’t Get None’ Blend)



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  1. […] The Pharcyde – J-Sw!ft Re-Licks by vaporized +CERTIFIED HOT+ […]

  2. […] J-Sw!ft produced one of the most beloved albums ever when he partnered up with 4 man crew The Pharcyde  for 1992’s Bizarre Ride. To the surprise of many, when 95’s LabCabinCalifornia was released J Swift was no longer behind the boards. troyblog and “the blend king”, vaporized partnered to show what alternate mixes of Bizarre Ride and LabCabin may have sounded like by blending The Cyde’s acapellas with J Sw!ft’s beats. Grab the full project HERE […]

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