Spin Doctor vs. De La Soul – Brakes Is High

Snagged this mix from the good blokes over at Dephect Clothing. In their own words:

A chronological blend of over 60 De La Soul classics and the original breaks used to create them from their first four albums; ‘3 Feet High & Rising’, ‘De La Soul Is Dead’, ‘Buhloon Mindstate’ & ‘Stakes Is High’ & coming in at around 1 hour 45 mins this is a must for anyone with a love of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul & the art of sampling.

While this isn’t quite the monumental feat of sample source remixing that A Tribute to the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique was, it is a nice mix to enjoy over the weekend. Click here to download.

-Samuel Diamond

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2 Responses to “Spin Doctor vs. De La Soul – Brakes Is High”

  1. Droopy says:

    Super dope. Thanks. However, when i first read the title, I was even more interested thought it was a de la spin doctors mash up. LOL

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