Raggedy Man – Demo Tape (Early 90’s)

[I couldn’t find any pics online at all and don’t have the tape on hand so this video is here because the second emcee is Raggedy Man making a rare appearance on youtube.]

01 Sh-Boom
02 I’ve Been Workin’ On The Railroad
03 True Colors
04 Can I Get A Witness
05 Keep It On
06 Singin’ In The Rain

Download demo tape here.

So what we have here is a nice demo tape by Raggedy Man of the crew called Gravitation ((Gravitation[Gravity Clan] – A rap group consisting of Chino XL, Raggedy Man, DJ B Wiz, Ab Style and maybe some others. If they recorded anything else as a group, I’d love to hear it.)), which you may remember being mentioned by Chino XL somewhere on his Here To Save You All LP and being featured on the posse cut Waiting To Exhale off the same Chino album. That’s honestly about all I know about this guy besides another really nice demo he did called “In My Own World”, that Stretch or Bobbito played, and a couple of freestyle appearances he made on the show through the years. The estimated date of these recordings is somewhere between 1992 and 1993, and that’s guess work. If anyone out there has further info or music by Raggedy Man or by the Gravitation click, please do leave a comment.

Thanks to Digital Stimulation again for this one. As always, we hope stuff like this will help to bring an artist out of obscurity and connect him with his audience and/or we hope that other people with rarities will be inspired to bust out them old tapes and get in on the demo sharing while it’s still going on. So please, youtubers, if you’re gonna take songs from here then at least give a credit and link back to here or to the T.R.O.Y. forum so that others who have demos and radio show tapes know where to go to share them.

Moving right along, Digital Stimulation also blessed us with a folder full of everything else he could dig up that is Raggedy Man related. Enjoy!

International Flavor & Raggedy Man Freestyle (WRSU) (1995)
Positive K – E&J w. Raggedy Man
Raggedy Man – Can U Feel Me
Raggedy Man – In My Own World
Raggedy Man & Pop Live Freestyle Pt. 1 (WRSU) (1995)
Raggedy Man & Pop Live Freestyle Pt. 2 (WRSU) (1995)
Raggedy Man & Unknown Artists Freestyle (WRSU) (1995)
Raggedy Man Freestyle (Sandman) (1996)
Raggedy Man Freestyle (WKCR) (1993)
Raggedy Man Freestyle (WKCR) (1996)
Raggedy Man Freestyle (WRSU) (1995)
Raggedy Man, 25 To Life & Orfinz Freestyle (WRSU) (1995)

Download these freestyles and joints here.

Again, crazy shout outs and thanks to Digital Stimulation for providing arsenals of treats and my man Aleph for ripping the tapes to mp3 to share the music with us all.


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