Bleeda is Southwest Houston, Texas concentrate. No Karo here.

The only way to properly listen to Bleeda is in a 1992 Cadillac Brougham missing both rear ¼ panel body fillers, on blown speakers, with the treble turned up high and trunk rattling, while driving slowly over speed-bumps bumper scraping the asphalt in a Fiesta supermarket parking lot.


Similar to DMX, Bleeda’s lines hit like blows to pressure points; you will feel him. But instead of DMX’s New York inspired quick ferocity, Bleeda has an unhurried intensity, just like the water that flows through the bayous of Southwest Houston.  Still, Bleeda wastes no time getting his messages about friendship, betrayal, and the streets across to his audience. He really spits it how he lives


The song above, Bandanas, is the single off of his new album Being Real Ain’t Easy. The two songs below are also on B.R.A.E. The first, Streets Don’t Love Nobody, features Z-Ro, one of my favorite Houston rappers. The second, Salute Me, features J-Dawg, a legendary member of the Boss Hogg Outlawz. All three songs go really hard. B.R.A.E. should be on iTunes soon. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing.


For more, check out Bleeda’s two mix tapes, Da Zookeepa and Welcome 2 My Hood, available on DatPiff. The production on those two tapes isn’t great but his talent, sincerity, and passion undeniably shine through. Don’t believe me? Check out his live performance here. Enjoy.

(Bleeda featuring Z-Ro, Song: Streets Don’t Love Nobody, Album: B.R.A.E. – 2012)

(Bleeda featuring J- Dawg, Song: Salute Me, Album: B.R.A.E. – 2012)



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207 Responses to “Bleeda is Southwest Houston, Texas concentrate. No Karo here.”

  1. ldotsdot says:

    j dawg delivery crazy mayne…so much passion in his voice…

  2. Langston says:

    Mayne, I co-sign all of this. Got to see Bleeda rock at a Block Party several months ago. Been a big fan ever since. Can’t wait for BRAE to drop, been looking for it.

    J-Dawg is one of the best out of H-Town. Still Behind Tint stays in my deck. Great music. Can’t wait for a new project.

    Glad to see H-Town getting love on one of my favorite blogs.

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