T Rich

Well, it happened. Houston rap, notorious for influencing S.L.A.B. drivers to swing, swang, and swung has influenced this young artist to “switch genre lanes” and pop trunk. Actually, he’s put “pop” in our trunk.

In the above song, T. Rich, a power pop artist, flosses his Houston rap influence. His track “H Town” is mind-expanding. I really dig the hook. Peep game. Popped and Screwed anyone?


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3 Responses to “T Rich”

  1. Tom Richardson says:

    H Town Represent! Hottest new artist.

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  2. LLL Anonymous says:

    This shit is catchy as hell. The guitars and hook are awesome. Watch out for T Rich. This is my H-town anthem.

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  3. brandon winey says:

    DBD ENT artist Dru video has 103,000 views on YouTube in one week, click link at the bottom..

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