Schoolly D Videography

“I Don’t Like Rock N’ Roll” from Schoolly D (1986)

“No More Rock N’ Roll” from Smoke Some Kill (1988)

Seven more after the jump.

“Livin’ In The Jungle” from Am I Black Enough For You? (1989)

“King of New York” from How A Black Man Feels (1991)

“Where’d You Get That Funk From” from How A Black Man Feels (1991)

“Another Sign” from Welcome To America (1994)

“Family Affair” from International Superstar (2010)

“I Just Can’t Help Myself” from International Superstar (2010)

“West Philly” ft. Chill Moody & Tone Trump from Joe Logic’s We Run Philly (2011)

Are there really no videos for “PSK,” “Saturday Night” and “Parkside 5-2,” or are they just casualties of the YouTube generation? Let me know in the comments if I’m missing anything.

And of course shout out to all the uploaders. Also, check out Schoolly’s YouTube Channel for some funny interviews and other goodies. Oh, and definitely hit us up next week, because I’m working on another Schoolly post that you won’t want to miss. Trust.

-Samuel Diamond

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