Rampage The Last Boyscout “Tha Red Oktoba” (Unreleased 1994)

Well, the Philaflava forum is nothing short of a goldmine of lost music. skater4041 quietly dropped this shelved album in there yesterday, and now I share it with you. “Beware Of The Rampsack” dropped as the first single in 1994 and was advertised in several magazines, but eventually got shelved in by Rowdy Records. Rampage’s (new) debut album hit at some point in 1997 on Elektra.

There is very little info on this album, no production credits (although LG gets a shout) and a guest appearance by Busta Rhymes. If you have any info, please leave a comment.

Rampage The Last Boyscout “Tha Red Oktoba
01 Beware Of The Rampsack
02 Tha Red Oktoba
03 Looking At The World
04 Do You Want It
05 Come Wit It
06 The Night B4 My Shit Dropped
07 The Last Boyscout
08 No I’m Not Home
09 The Illest Moment
10 Set It Straight


Thanks to skater4041 for the original upload!



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5 Responses to “Rampage The Last Boyscout “Tha Red Oktoba” (Unreleased 1994)”

  1. unikone says:

    nice work ! thanx

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  2. unknown says:

    Any chance we can get a re-up?

    much thanks

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  3. soopahigh says:

    Could we get a re-up please ?

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  4. DjStr0be says:

    Had trouble finding this too so thought id share..


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  5. ziontifik says:

    In his sophomore/real debut LP “Scout’s Honor” it credits two songs as originally recorded in 1994, one of those is “The Night B4 My Shit Drop” and good ol’ Rashad Smith is the producer.

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