Onyx “Cold Case Files Vol. 2”

I saw this posted in the Philaflava forum this morning and for only $6.66 I thought I’d actually support an artist. Especially for the the track “Flip That Shit” feat. Naughty By Nature, Notorious BIG and Jesse West. Not all tracks are CDQ. But really, what do you expect?


Here’s the full description:

What’s up Onyx fans!! Here’s the hardcore collection of rare Onyx tracks. Meticulously collected by members of the group over the years, this purchase downloads right in your web browser. There is ABSOLUTELY NO DRM, and NO COPY PROTECTION on these MP3s! Burn them to CDs or copy them to whatever device you have a million times; there’s no restrictions!

Keep in mind that 100% of your purchase goes to members of Onyx. No record companies or anyone else taking a cut. You can log back in and download your purchase over and over again if you need to.

We wanted to give this to fans who are fiendin’ for “new” Onyx music. Some of these are from very old cassette tapes from Onyx’s lab; so the sound quality is good but not perfect. Other tracks were stored digitally all these years and sound perfect. Either way, the MP3s are super-high quality at a 256kbps bit-rate, and Punk Motherfukaz (full) and Take That (full) have been professionally restored so they sound much better than the other copies we put on Youtube. The rest? Tracks no one has ever heard before. Even if the title sounds familiar, trust us, you never heard it!

When you purchase, come back to this page and click the “Downloads” tab and all the links to the tracks will be there for you. Or you can log into “My Account” and download all of them there, too. Again, 100% of your purchase goes to Onyx, and we appreciate your support!

Track list:

1. Set It Str8
2. Kidz From Queens
3. Bring It
4. Hi Hoe
5. Crime Stories
6. Punk Motherfukaz (full version, remastered and much better sound quality than one we put on Youtube)
7. To All Ya’ll Crews, Whatever (unrelated to Onyx song of similar title on Youtube. Never before heard, rough cut from All We Got Iz Us!)
8. Anything Goes (flawless quality; better than leak we put on Youtube)
9. Give It All You Got
10. Flip Dat Shit (featuring Notorious B.I.G., Naughty By Nature, and 3rd Eye)
11. Pussy on the Regular
12. Take That (full length, much higher quality than one we leaked to Youtube)
13. Raze It Up (alternate lyrics)
14. Love of Money ’96 (unreleased version of other 2 Onyx songs of a similar title; rock version. RIP X-1)
15. We Comin’ Thru Ya’ll
16. Walk in New York (original pre-album version heard in the Onyx DVD)


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And If you’re feeling a little cheap today and just want some free downloads, I suggest visiting the mp3 section of the Onyx Domain site. There’s a bunch of radio edits, acapellas and instrumentals, but there is also some demos, remixes, freestyles and unreleased tracks.


Here’s just a few (most are ripped at 160, but a few are 192 or 128)

Ah, and We Do It Like This
This is the first Onyx song ever. Sticky Fingaz was not in the group at the time. Enjoy this rare piece of Onyx history. Keep in mind the song is from the late 80’s and the members of Onyx were in their mid-teens when they did it, so the song is, well…. odd.

Evil Streets Remix (featuring Method Man)
Never released on any album, this song was done with none other than Method Man himself. Such a great track. Sticky’s verse is one of his most violent to date.

United Statez Getto
Finally found after all these years! Originally we only had the intro (incorrectly titled “Pledge of Allegiance”), but here is the full track. This track was removed from Bacdafucup for unknown reasons.

Vissi D’arte
Onyx was part of a compilation called “Rhapsody” where a bunch of rappers got together and rapped over classical music. This Onyx jam is over an Italian opera. Not available in the USA (and is even rare overseas now), you can hear this track at last.




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