vaporized blends M.O.P. & Buckwild

vaporized posted up this ep today. The guy has an incredible ear for matching acapellas and beats.

“someone on here asked me ages ago to do something with the celph titled/buckwild instrumentals. can’t remember who it was, but I finally got round to having a go with a few beats from Nineteen Ninety More over some MOP. only an EP worth (4 tracks), but they sound pretty heavy imo. enjoy.”



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One Response to “vaporized blends M.O.P. & Buckwild”

  1. brandon says:

    sounds dope. i’ve had hardcore data in my head all week, wouldn’t happen to have some thing over that would ya? good work tho, i’ve recently stumbled on vaporizeds mixes and they’ve been bumpin’ in the pod all week.

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