Mobb Deep – Shook Ones (Beat Bop Scholar 90’s Blend)

One time TROY contributor Beat Bop Scholoar hit us with a new blend last night.

“Type of joint you would of seen on a 90’s NY Mixtape. I mixed Shook Ones with Da Youngsta’s I’ll Make You Famous instrumental. Share your thoughts/likes… Spread it! I know Shook Ones had been done to death but I wanted to do this cause I had a feeling it would come out dope!”



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One Response to “Mobb Deep – Shook Ones (Beat Bop Scholar 90’s Blend)”

  1. djfilthyrich says:

    dope blend…the only thing i would fix is editing the instrumental so that when the female chanting starts, it would match up timewise with the chorus. other than that, sounds good

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