Monsta Island Czars: Return To Monsta Island Vol. 1

The Monsta Island Czars have gone through numerous lineup changes over the years — so many in fact that it can be hard to tell at any given time who is in and who is out. Making matters more complex, most of the members have several aliases which they use interchangably, sometimes (but not always) dependending on whether or not they’re working with the rest of the group. While much of their best work has been done in collaboration, each member can stand strong on his own as well. Unfortunately, aside from Doom and Grimm, most of these guys haven’t yet gotten the shine they truly deserve. This compilation aims to help correct that by showcasing each of the core members as an individual solo artist. Tracklist, download link and some additional background information after the jump…

In 2003, when the group’s only official album Escape From Monsta Island! was released, the M.I.C. lineup consisted of MCs/Producers King Geedorah aka MF Doom and X-Ray aka King Ceasar, and MCs Jet Jaguar aka MF Grimm, Megalon aka Tommy Gunn, Kamackeris aka Kwite Def, Rodan aka Dr. Moreau, Kong aka Kongcrete, Spiega and Gigan. In laying out the parameters for this compilation, T.R.O.Y. forum posters Unclebengi and Echo Leader determined that only songs by these particular artists should be considered for inclusion. Bengi suggested we leave off all the songs from Escape as all of them are essential listening. I agreed and took it a step further, deciding that in the cases of MF Doom and MF Grimm, only songs released under their daikaiju alter egos could make the cut, as it is these that best fit the collective’s overall ethos. As for what that is exactly, one could go on and on about the sociopolitcal subtext of Japenese monster movies and how it translates to rap music and hip-hop culture as a whole, but let’s save that for another post… maybe. For now, enjoy the city-shaking sounds of Return To Monsta Island Vol. 1.

01. X-Ray – A Monsta (Intro)
02. King Geedorah – Fazers
03. Rodan – Ability to Speak (One Week)
04. Jet Jaguar – All Y’all
05. Spiega – Now That’s Sweet
06. Megalon – Revelations
07. Gigan – Live Wirez Remix
08. Kong – Use Me
09. Kamackeris (as Kwite Def) – All is Fair
10. Megalon (as Tommy Gun) – I’m Counting on You
11. Gigan – In Search Of
12. Jet Jaguar – The Way
13. Spiega – I Seen It All
14. King Geedorah – The Fine Print
15. Jet Jaguar – Stable
16. Kamackeris (as Kwite Def) – Khadijah 2008
17. Rodan – No Degrees
18. Megalon – Rain Blood
19. Gigan – Gunshots
20. Kamackeris – Untouchable
21. Kong & Spiega – True Believers
22. Megalon – When I Go Out
23. Rodan – Human Inquisition
24. X-Ray – Monstaball (Outro)


Be on the lookout for Volume 2 coming soon.
-Samuel Diamond

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