(Video) Percee P Breaks Down “Back To The Grill” (the unreleased verses)

 I have no idea who or where this sketch came from but i like it, props to whomever skilled it.

Peep video of Percee P dropping knowledge about some verses that never made the cut and more after the jump..

Beat Bop Scholar1 gets some more untold facts from the man Percee P. Don’t sleep, there’s some dope stories with historical relevance here.

Peep out Beat Bop Scholar here, album coming soon. Peep his old blog posts out here.

Check Percee P on the tweets or FB and buy some of his music here.

And this always makes for a good watch whatever time of day or year it is:


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  1. formerly ThomasV who was an og blogger here at T.R.O.Y. and we’re proud he’s going places []

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4 Responses to “(Video) Percee P Breaks Down “Back To The Grill” (the unreleased verses)”

  1. Soob says:

    Oh shti !! Raw ol’ shit !! Keep it real

  2. http://www.hiphopweb.tv/index.php?task=play&id=3408
    > Lord Finesse vs Percee P- Rematch In The Patterson Projects (2003)

    This “battle” came later, in 2003. Hope Ya know this one 😉


    • verge says:

      What you are referring to I believe is the rematch, which was more of a friendly, planned out back and forth. The original battle took place in 1989 as shown in the bottom two videos in this post.
      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Yes, U’re true. This one is not a real battle.
    Big up fam’

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