The Pharcyde “Phriday Phun Pack #9”

Just a heads up for anyone following the series, the end is near. I had originally intended to for the series to close with the release of the Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde: The Singles Collection boxset on Record Store Day on April 21, 2012 (tomorrow!). But I started a week late and then there were too many good tracks to choose from, so pack #12 will be the last one.

First up is another brilliant find from DJ Step One, thanks for taking the time to rip an old cassette for me. Followed by a sweet remix from R&B star, Mya, and then a track I had passed over years ago. It’s amazing how dope this track is, flipping an excellent vocal sample from the Buena Vista Social Club. Why didn’t I like it 12 years ago? Next is an appearance on some Sweedish hip-hop and finally is the shining star (at least to me) of this entire project.

I spotted this remix on SoundCloud but it wasn’t available for download. So I did what any other normal Pharcyde stalker would do, I reached out to Lack Of Afro with my request. What I got back was a whole lot more. Lack Of Afro got right back to me and gave me his blessing to share it with the rest of you. Turns out it was pressed up on vinyl back in 2010, but is now out of print. All he asked was that I post all his contact info. But I dug a little deeper and Lack Of Afro has an album dropping on April 30th, go and support! While it’s certainly not T.R.O.Y. material, he just posted a promo mix for his new album. If you listen to anything outside of hip-hop, it’s a really great listen. And the quote from his website is 100% accurate: “…Adam Gibbons (aka “Lack of Afro”) combines live musicianship & top-notch studio production skills into a fresh, highly individualistic sound.”

One Way: Remixes & Rarities Mix by Lack Of Afro by Freestyle Records on Mixcloud

Website: lackofafro.com
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/lackofafro
Facebook: facebook.com/lackofafromusic
Twitter: twitter.com/lackofafromusic

Phriday Phun Pack #9
01 The Pharcyde-Capital Rap Show Freestyle (1993)
02 Mya feat. Fatlip & Tre-Fallen (The Remix Original) (2003)
03 The Pharcyde-Jealousy (2000)
04 Speech Defect feat. The Pharcyde-Happy Hunting (2009)
05 The Pharcyde-Passin’ Me By (Lack Of Afro & DJ Andy Smith Remix) (2007)


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