Foul Play – The Wild Pitch Demo (EXCLUSIVE)

Foul Play hardly needs an introduction to the hardcore hiphop fan.  However, very little information and material has been made available to the public. Hailing from Tacoma (near Seattle) Washington, Foul Play is made up by rappers Tommy Gun (aka Messiah) and Hooligan, with beats by Mario. They were later joined by rapper Young Have Not. Also, cuts on the tracks were made by Seattle’s DJ B-Mello.

Foul Play was signed to Wild Pitch in the mid nineties, but their material got shelved when the label folded.

The only “official” tracks that surfaced from this group are ‘That’s How It Be (Boo Yah)’ on DJ Riz – In The Mix ’97 and ‘Black Cloud’ on DJ Eclipse – Wild Pitch Blends.

Foul Play was closely affiliated with Heltah Skeltah; Roc is featured on the ‘Boo Yah’ hook and also makes an appearance on the Doo Wop freestyle (which many are mistaking for a Boo Yah demo cut).

After the issues with Wild Pitch, Foul Play reformed as Black Caesar and got a deal with Tommy Boy Records. “What’s Going On” was featured on the Nothing To Lose soundtrack. They also recorded a self titled album. However, this music is far from the original material which can best be described as R&B-esq beats with decent rhymes.

I have very little information on what these guys are up to now, but I do know that Tommy Gun has managed to pave a successful career in video production.

The T.R.O.Y. Blog is now happy to share the complete Wild Pitch demo; 11 cuts in total including 4 interludes. Note that the Black Cloud version on Wild Pitch Blends has got a slightly different beat than the one on the demo. There is also an alternative version of Nightfall with different lyrics  to the one on the demo and the drums don’t sound as rugged. This version first surfaced on Cocaine Blunts.

Big thanks to DJ Eclipse for sharing the material and Tommy Gun for giving his blessing for us sharing this to the public.


01. Foul Play – War
02. Foul Play – Interlude 1
03. Foul Play – I N I
04. Foul Play – Nightfall
05. Foul Play – Interlude 2
06. Foul Play – That’s How It Be (Boo Yah)
07. Foul Play – Interlude 3
08. Foul Play – Conversation
09. Foul Play – Interlude 4
10. Foul Play – Black Cloud
Bonus Track- Foul Play Feat Heltah Skeltah – Doo Wop Freestyle

Bad Cop

Editor’s Note: On the original demo tape cover itself, from Bad Cop’s recollection, the tracklist was basically just in alphabetical order with all the interludes lumped together toward the middle of the list so I figured I’d re-arrange it to have it flow more like a cohesive album. –verge

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    damn guys. you kill me with this one! big up.

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    It was worth all the hassle in the end… Enjoy!


  4. […] far from the original material which can best be described as R&B-esq beats with decent rhymes. The T.R.O.Y. Blog is now happy to share the complete Wild Pitch demo; 11 cuts in total including 4 […]

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    Nice Verge, good looks

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    Mad, mad grateful for this one, thanks fellas.

  7. […] Link Location HERE 01. Foul Play – War 02. Foul Play – Interlude 1 03. Foul Play – I N I 04. Foul Play – […]

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