Bobby Digital In Video

Bobby Digital Video Shoot, 2000

Like most Wu-heads, I’ve been hearing that The Rza’s unreleased Bobby Digital movie, Bobby Did It, will finally see the light of day for damn near a decade (( Though a screening was indeed scheduled to occur Friday, June 4 at the St. George’s Theatre as part of the Staten Island Film Festival (see the 3rd to last comment here), I’m yet to hear from anyone who was actually in attendance. I don’t doubt that this screening occurred, but it’s as if Bobby zapped the audience members with a fazer gun that wiped their memories or swore them to secrecy.)), so when Wu-Tang’s official Facebook page posted on March 27, “We are about to give some of that Bobby Digital movie,” I took it with a grain of salt. Not surprisingly, the clip still hadn’t arrived when I checked back the next day. Nevertheless, I looked again on April 2 and though it still hadn’t been posted, while searching YouTube I stumbled on something else, something I’d never even heard of before: the Bobby Digital Cartoon Pilot. This got me wondering what other Bob Digi footage is hiding out in the cybernetic back alleys of the information superhighway.

So without further adieu, we bring to you live in stere-ereo, Bobby Digital in Video.


Not much information is available about this short cartoon, except that apparently it was produced in 2001 by DDI Studios, the company responsible for some of WuTang’s earliest online endeavors ((see here and here for more on the now defunct DDI studios)) . Some of the footage from this clip also appears in “The Cure” starring RZA, another YouTube find that is described as “a teaser trailer for an animated feature about RZA’s Bobby Digital character.” There are credits at the end of this video and it looks at least semi-official, but I don’t want to attach any credence to the notion that a full “animated feature” was ever completed without knowing for sure.

So that’s what we have of the animated B.O.B.B.Y., but what about the three-dimensional fully digital non-analogue manifestation? “Around 1998, I became a superhero in real life,” The Rza writes on page 89 of The Wu-Tang Manual. If these interviews are any indication, he wasn’t kidding. Check out my man’s multi-colored Zorro masks. Oh, and excuse the static. Like he says, “I’m trying to put yall in tune with the digital signal.”


Finally, for those who still haven’t seen it (the f**k you been, yo), here is the Bobby Did It trailer narrated by the late great Isaac Hayes aka Black Moses.

More archived footage is available if you download RZA’s World App, and according to RZA himself ((At the 1:43 mark of the Making of RZA’s Word App)) , “We did two episodes. One episode is called Bobby Did It, the other episode is called The Digital Bullet.” …Interesting… This is what they’ve shared online so far:

Much props to all of the YouTube channels who made these videos available for us to pass along to you. In order from the top they are: elohimgenus, 91100249110025, TheShaolinstyle36, Gandhifisheye82, Darnell151208, and of course, RZASWORLDAPP.

Keep your scanning devices fixed on this frequency, as I’ll be back in a few weeks with an analysis of the first two RZA solo albums and the overall Bobby Digital persona.

–Samuel Diamond (posted by verge tibbs on behalf of Samuel Diamond)

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