Random VLS Drops: Omniscence – Amazin’ (1995) – Reupped

UPDATE: A few months ago we received an email from a Hot 97 DJ (first name rhymes with leader) to re-up this. Unfortunately, we can’t always fulfill these  requests as fast as we’d like since we do receive a high amount of them daily. However, when we do normally update the link we also post an update in the comment section. I highly recommend anyone to join the T.R.O.Y. forum where requests usually get fulfilled within hours. Peace to all those who have continued to support this blog and those who help us frequently on the boards with requests. And for those who wanted this re-upped, this one is for you!

Omniscence or Omniscience is from North Carolina. He has an EP “The Funky Oneliner” in 1993 on 6th Boro Records. After appearing in The Source’s “Unsigned Hype” he has been spotted by EastWest Records /Elektra sealed the deal and released two singles after eventually being dropped by Elektra. His album “The Raw Factor” was never released.

Big up to my homie Verge. Random VLS Drops is his blog idea and he was blessing you with them vinyl rips from his own collection, unfortunately i’m not in that situation.

Enjoy! Tracklist and download links after the jump.

01. Amazin’ (LP Version – Dirty)
02. Amazin’ (Radio Edit – Clean)
03. Amazin’ (Instrumental)
04. Amazin’ (3 Boyz From Newark Street Mix – Acappella)
05. Amazin’ (3 Boyz From Newark Street Mix – Clean)
06. Amazin’ (3 Boyz From Newark Ka-Ka Lak Mix – Clean)
07. Amazin’ (3 Boyz From Newark Street Mix – Instrumental)
08. Amazin’ (3 Boyz From Newark Ka-Ka Lak Mix – Instrumental)

–>Download Amazin’ VLS<–


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