Dope Sample Flips: Rotary Connection Vs. Nick Wiz

Napoleon (bka Pudgee) – You Ain’t Know (ft. DMX, Ran Reed)

Rotary Connection – Turn Me On

Here’s a DMX verse you may not have been aware of as neither was I until a couple of years ago. He KILLS it unarguably and is the obvious stand-out on the record, but wow with the “ayo”/ “pause” worthy lines, lol. Pudgee and Ran Reed also deliver some decent to pretty good verses as well. According to a discogs user, this record was released by Pudgee himself probably around 97 or 98 but was most likely recorded in 95. Anyways, it seems that sample was made for Nick Wiz to flip and he pulled it off perfectly. What a banger!

Now I don’t even want to do Rotary Connection an injustice by trying to review their music in any way cause I’ll screw it up, so I’ll keep it simple. Buy their complete discography and you’re not only good for the spring and summer but you’ll find yourself revisiting a large amount of their songs for years to come.



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2 Responses to “Dope Sample Flips: Rotary Connection Vs. Nick Wiz”

  1. Squafdonoboles says:

    Copyright infringement?

    • verge says:

      are you talking about the Rotary song getting sampled? Your about 20 years late on that argument. And i could swear, out of all the sample flip posts, this one in particular was targeted by an anti sampling knucklehead before, problem is the comment sections on a large amount of our posts were lost when we switched to WordPress.

      Anyways, this song did not generate commercial or even independent monetary success. If Pudgee pressed it up himself, like is rumored, then chances are he made a few hundred to thousand dollars back when it was released and that was it. But no way did the producer, whom you would be saying is the copyright infringer, make shit off this.

      Should it have been cleared or licensed? Of course. Did the producer know it was released by the emcee? most likely not, imo. Is it possible that everyone involved in recording this had no idea it was pressed, that it’s a bootleg? Absolutely.

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